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  1. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    Hey anyone here really into lipstick? I'm searching for Brand recommendations. I prefer liquid lipstick and love the Jeffree Star ones. They work for me and do not budge the whole day. Also really into the color pallette. Though they are expensive here in Germany and/or I get them imported from...
  2. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    Hey, I absolutely love wearing makeup, but sometimes I feel like it's just no point, because im too fat and ugly anyway. I also feel like other people think something like: "Oh look at that fat girl, does she really think that makeup helps her, she is just too fat and ugly" Like, if you put...
  3. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    The title is a bit clickbait because I know how to apply mascara/pencil eyeliner/lipstick but that's basically it. (I'm kinda bad at being a girl lol. Last time I wore any make up is like 1 1/2 years ago...) Now I want to put more effort in my outfits (I own nice clothing but I mostly wear...
  4. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    Hey! This is gonna be a thread with a bunch of looks and tutorials for inspiration when you have those days where you don't know what to do. Gonna have some easy and natural ones for beginners as well as some more adventurous looks. Peace
  5. Community Introductions
    Hi there, 26 female mum from the UK. I've been in recovery for 6/7 years but have recently relapsed. My interests include Art, Music, Writing, Reading, Fashion, Make up, Going for long walks, working out from home and others that i can't think of right now. This is all a bit of a jumble...
  6. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    Anyone know how to get rid of them/look less sick?
  7. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    Do any of you contour to try and make your face look thinner? Dose it work? Is it worth the time and energy? Any tips?
  8. Bulimia Discussions
    Hey lovelies, im sure anyone that wears make up knows this #struggle . creased make up around your mouth and eyes after purging, smeared lipstick , mascara stains on your cheeks from runny eyes. not only that , but anyone who has restricted long enough will know the tole it takes on our skin ...
  9. Anorexia Discussions
    So this one is kinda messed up and i feel really bad for saying it, but the longer i suffer from this disorder and the more weight i lose, the more warped my goals become. Along with being thinner, i find that i also really want to look "more sick" overall? i avoid makeup and all that because it...
  10. Starting at a higher BMI
    As I've always said since I joined MPA, my biggest problem with my current weight is that I can't feel 'normal'. I mean, when I was skinny (like, 3/4 years ago... after a whole life of being obese), I used to put on make up, to dress nicely, to dye my hair or straighten it. Everybody treated me...
  11. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    Hey!! Does anyone use the mac pro longer foundation?? I find that it doesn't blend into the skin very well, like you can see streaks and it also cracks after 2 hours...I've tried blending it into my skin with a mac stippling brush but that didnt work well, so then i used a beauty blender and i...
  12. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    ....well the title is pretty much self-explanatory but what I meant its To all girls wearing glasses, what type of makeup do you use? Do you focus more on your lips than the eyes or not? Also am I the only one that struggles with mascara (as it often leaves stains on my eyeglasses lol)?
  13. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    I've been looking into DIY masks, ways to make nails and hair stronger, skin clearer etc through 'homemade' remedies and wanted to see what everyone's go-to's are. Cause I don't know about you but I'd rather save my money for clothing and make-up. . .and the bills that eat it all lol
  14. Media and Art
    Hi everyone! I really don't mean to be annoying but I would be so unbelievably grateful if you could subscribe to my youtube channel, or even just watch one of my videos! My most recent one which I will link below is not triggering in any way, or it shouldn't be seeing as I don't talk numbers or...
  15. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    All of my faves are from hot places, because I found them through eachothers channels. (Lauren Elizabeth, Brittany Balyn, etc) I need some people I can watch even if they aren't great, preferably with hauls, favourites and grwm.
  16. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    Has anyone had a chance to order and try out any of the velour liquid lipsticks from the Jeffree Star Cosmetics line? I've been wanting to buy some of his lipsticks but They are almost always sold out of at least one or two or three or even four of the lipsticks that have been released (they...
  17. The Happy Place
    I know that there's a beauty section and all that, but I just wanted to share with you all that I wore makeup today and felt so pretty. My mom even said that I look really cute with make up on. (that like never happens) So yeah, that made me really happy today! My mother and I even looked...
1-17 of 29 Results