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  1. Public Blogs
    Lunabelle Diet Accountability Thread honestly, I am not very good with long diets so this one will be a challenge for me! I dont really know why I am so drawn to this diet other than I like the purple color of the picture. I started this diet this Monday and only now am making a thread so days...
  2. Member Diets
    Hey all! I'm attempting to remain more consistent in the number of calories I'm consuming each day and the lunabelle diet is one I've wanted to try for a while. The diet is in the image below and I will be starting today, 12/06, with daily or every other day updates (finals week is coming up...
  3. Member Diets
    Starting a MODIFIED Lunabelle Diet today. The only modification is that on the FAST days, i will consume 300-calories, and will try to make sure these are liquids and/or fruit/veg. the reason I'm doing this is because I have exams and cannot concentrate on clear-liquid fasts. Daily updates...
  4. Member Diets
    hey everyone! i'm going to be starting this diet next week, i would now except i binged today and i'm getting my period and there for will bloat, hold water weight and won't exercise and i wanna succeed in this diet and exercise and i won't on my period i know it 😒 i'll post what i eat, how...
  5. Skinny Girl Diet
    Hi does anyone want to start on Monday one of the spread sheet accountability SGD things?? i seen one not the forum but its like half way through. i think it would be so motivating?? so if anyone is up for starting this on monday ?? let me know, I've included the spreadsheet below xxx Will be...
  6. Starting at a higher BMI
    So I'm currently doing a cleanse but I need to know what to do once it's over. I want to lose weight as quickly as possible but not fuck up with a binge so I need a plan. I'm not sure which one to do. pleeeaassee help
  7. ABC Diet
    I seriously need to lose at least 60 lbs to be at my ideal weight if 140 lbs. for now I need to drop 30 lbs by July 20 to reach 170 lbs before my vaca. I will post my daily progress. I hope you will join me.
  8. ABC Diet
    MPA Best DietsWhich diets have you completed?ABC Diet1216.00%Lunabelle Diet56.67%Skinny Girl Diet1114.67%Healthy Skinny Girl Diet1013.33%Lose a Stone Diet45.33%Alice Diet56.67%Ana in Training68.00%2468 diet (for minimum 1 month)1317.33%02468 diet (for minimum 1 month)45.33%Russian Gymnast diet...
  9. Public Blogs
    introduction Hey everyone! Since I found out that actually writing everything down in a notebook helps me stay disciplined, I've been loving it and holding on to it. And because this helps me a lot, I thought I'd share my diary with you. I'll also write about basicaly anything that comes to...
  10. Member Diets
    I'm tired of being stuck at my current weight and I'm ready to be a lot thinner by Halloween. If you're interested in joining, feel free to message me for my kik! I'll update here every day and do a weigh in every few days x
  11. Member Diets
    Hey everyone! So I started the Lunabelle Diet and I've only lose 2 pounds (I'm on day 3) and I can't seem to find more than 2 posts of people who actually completed the diet, so if you have, please let me know! I don't want to end up wasting 40 days of the year on a diet that doesn't work :C...
  12. Member Diets
    Hay. Well today is my first day of the Lunabelle diet. It looks pretty easy, though I'm just going to do fruit fasts on fast days C: Anyone else want to do this? We can kik C: I just don't want to do it by myself!! ((Has anyone finished it before?))
1-12 of 63 Results