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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    I'm getting bored of just doing sit up, squats, jumping, and push ups. What's some workouts y'all recommend. Include links if you can!
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    Like above. :3 Share your favorite ED related links/sites. (Mostly with low-cal recipes) Enjoy!
  3. Public Blogs
    22/7 "I just keep searching for triggers" Total Calorie Intake: Didn't count today Meals: Breakfast: an orange and an egg, chocolatemilk Lunch: Salad with greek cheese. Dinner: Some salad leftovers. CW: IDK (read my profile if you wanna know why) MY DAY: So the day started out 4:30am with a...
  4. Exercise
    Post links below, go go go!!
  5. Food
    I thought we could share recipe sites that give nutrition info ;) Personally I like: - Chocolate Covered Katie - Spark Recipes - Minimalist Baker - Livestrong - Butterfly Recipes How about you guys?
  6. Movies and TV Shows
    Does anyone know a link for this? After SIS I don't know what to expect.... :)
  7. Technical Support
    There's like, popup chats here. The tips and tricks chat, the self harm chat etc etc. I used to have the links but I've lost them, and I'd really like them again! Thanks B)
  8. Fasting and Cleansing
    Water fasting can be very healthy if you do it correctly.... here is some info.. I just finished a three day fast...i feel amazing....I want to continue and do a for real healthy water fast....also Ive...
1-8 of 13 Results