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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    Well, first, when I say vegan, I mean vegetarian or vegan. Are you thinking about quitting meat and fish because you'll lose weight easier? WRONG! Let me tell you. Veganism is a political choice that affects your diet, NOT A DIET. It's valid to go veggie, if you do it for TRUE ethical reasons...
  2. Member Diets
    I'm doing this to keep myself on track. Everyone will be able to see if I've cheated! A bit about me: 5'7" (170.5cm) CW: somewhere in the 140s GW: 115 pounds I love doing keto because it's so great for my skin and I don't really bloat, so I'll be doing that until I hit my GW. Fall is my...
  3. Starting at a higher BMI
    I have gained over 50 pounds from the initial weight loss journey I started back in November of 2018, I originally started out at around 240 at my heaviest and got down to 148 in a little less than 2 years. In that time I developed multiple ED and starved myself like crazy because it was...
  4. Vitamins, Supplements and Nutrition
    Recently found this nutritionist/dietitian that I really wanted to recommend to you guys! Her tips are amazing and has helped my increase my calorie intake without wanting to kms while still maintaining a steady level of weight-loss. She doesn't support calorie counting, but obviously you don't...
  5. Low Carb Diets
    has anyone tried to do the egg fast? how about for an extended period of time? did it work and how much did you lose?
  6. Low Carb Diets
    So I'm starting keto tomorrow and am hoping to stay on it for at least 2 weeks, maybe a month (money dependent), planning on staying well under 20g of carbs. I'll be eating: - fish (salmon, smoked haddock, tuna) - celery - peanut butter - konjac noodles - salad - eggs - quorn meat pieces -...
  7. Anorexia Discussions
    I am currently on a low carb diet eating max 600 cals a day and i can't get rid of the bloating. Even when i fast it barely goes away. Anyone have any tips for reducing bloat with low restriction? i am considering probiotics but they are so expensive!!
  8. Low Carb Diets
    Hej jag heter Anna och är snart 27 år. Under åren jag har varit "sjuk" i bulimi så har jag vägt både ca 100kg och 53kg och har pendlat väldigt mycket under den tiden. Iaf nu väger jag 71kg igen. Under 2021 gick jag upp 10kg! Det är ju absolut inte okej. Så nu har jag fått nog och börjar med...
  9. Anorexia Discussions
    Fat vs Carbs vs Protein: Do You Track them? Do you track your carb, fat, and protein intake?Yes, I eat a high fat, medium protein, low carb diet.25.00%Yes, I eat a high protein, medium fat, low carb diet.1025.00%Yes, I eat a high protein, medium carb, low fat diet. 410.00%Other.615.00%No, I only...
1-12 of 500 Results