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  1. Community Introductions
    Hello, I have had an ED for around 11 years now and I used to be super active on MPA around 2010. It has changed a lot since then and so have I so I am starting fresh again. 20 y/o F 4'10" HW-126 CW-103 UGW-70 Much love!
  2. Community Introductions
    Hey Guys! I'm 20 years old, from Canada. I've been in a recovery process since almost two years now. I'm pretty tiered of it and want to feel free to let my ed voice speak more this year. I want to lose more weight and be around a community that wont put me down every time I want to do weight...
  3. Community Introductions
    Hello everybody. If you are wishing for a name to address me as you may call me Hansel. I am an 18 year old young woman. I've had eating issues since I was 8 years old and developed a full blown eating disorder at 11. I used to have an account on here in 2014 but deleted it due to some...
  4. Hi

    Community Introductions
    I was diagnosed with EDNOS in February when I started to get back into my ED. My honest lowest weight was probably 125 but for some reason 130 looked very, very thin on me. I got better and gained weight then sought to lose it again. I got to 145 before my parents put me in treatment and meds...
  5. Community Introductions
    hej Im me and i have problems. Im not good at making friends because of these problems. If i come of as rude i dont mean to, it sounds good in my head but not when i say(write) it outloud If my english have errors its because it is not my first language. Im also bad at grammar period.
  6. Community Introductions
    Hi everyone, I'm D. and I've already introduced myself but it wasn't the right place so here I am. I'm from Italy, I love supernatural, mangas, pink and every cute thing even though I'm a little punk hahaha I'm here cuz I need support during my weight loss journey and this community looked a lot...
  7. Community Introductions
    Hi! My name is Yoli, I'm seventeen and I'm a senior in high school. In the past two months I've lost 20 pounds and I'm planning to loose about the same by December 26th (that day is my prom!). I will start a water fast up to October 1st, then I will do the skinny girl diet<3. Thank you for...
  8. Hi

    Community Introductions
    Hi, I'm elianne. I'm kinda new to this. Well I'm 14 and I am a dancer. Ummmm, I tryin to lose weight and I need pro- Ana buddies. I'm 5'4 and 104 pounds right now and I want to lose a lot before my next show in the spring! So if anyone wants to talk email me at [email protected] and we...
1-8 of 8 Results