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  1. Exercise
    So I've been doing Insanity for 3 weeks in the hope of shredding fat, i'm already pretty toned underneath, but so far all that's happened is my legs have got bigger? I'm feeling awesome, but is this programme just going to make me bigger? Anyone else done it?
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    First off, I'm sorry if this is the wrong thread. I couldn't find an exercising one. So i have been thinking of trying insanity since my brother did and lost 20 lbs in three weeks. Has anyone else tried it? What were your results? Thank you ☺❤
  3. Member Diets
    While crying in the shower, I contemplated doing a modified version of the ABC diet until my birthday. Sadly for me the ABC diet is 50 days, not 55 days and since I'm too lazy to find a different diet to occupy my time I spent 2 hours making one. And maybe you are in a similar boat and need a...
  4. Exercise
    So has anyone completed or tried the INSANITY Workout Program? I'm on day 6/60 of it myself and so far I really like it! What did you guys think, was it worth? What were your results? Did you stick to any certain diet other than what the program recommends? Share your thoughts here!
  5. Exercise
    Insanity Asylum volume 1&2 by Shaun T So I have already done the original insanity and the insanity asylum v1 and have seen great results, and currently doing v2 And just wanted to know who has done it? Am i the only one here who's in love with all Shaun T's workouts?
  6. Anorexia Discussions
    So I'm sure this is going to sound batshit crazy but I'm not sure what to do so I'll ask anyway. I binged earlier today and purged about half of it up but couldn't get the rest so my stomach feels like a fucking 10 pound weight. I also have a huge test tomorrow that I'm pretty stressed about and...
  7. BED Discussions
    We eat to live. Not live to eat. I'm not someone who is thin. But I'm certainly a 30+ BMI girl. I look at people saying they have BED when they're a lot smaller than me. This is my personal opinion. my story. I feel like BED is a lie on MPA. "Oh, distract yourself" "high restriction" etc...
  8. Exercise
    hello everyone. (first topic ever!) i'm trying to do insanity in 2016, and hopefully by the end of march - reach my goal; a 24 inch waist! i started the workout on 1st jan (cliche, i know) - but the workout is making me so hungry plus i'm so sore, i can barely workout the second day! would love...
  9. Exercise
    Earlier this year I started the insanity dvds, they also come with vitamins which I liked. I started with insanity and saw major results, then during the summer started insanity max 30 which is only 30 minutes it's effective and also ideal if you have a strict schedule. Although you do get...
  10. Exercise
    Hi guys, i really want to try the insanity workout but i don't know much about it. if you've done it: was it really hard? did you ever want to give up? do you need a lot of space? what types of exercises do you do? is it different every day? was it worth the money in the end? sorry thats...
  11. Public Blogs
    life and stuff I am new here...It would be nice to meet some people here who I can talk to..I started the rainbow diet yesterday and it is going alright so far! Wish me luck and I am always here for anyone who needs me! Xx :)
1-12 of 50 Results