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  1. Community Introductions
    Ahhhh Hi! I'm Yuna. I like singing and dancing and gutair, but one of my friends tells me I have no talent haha! I don't think I'm very pretty, but I want to be prettier! I focus on my looks a lot. I'm not a very interesting person. Just came to say hello! So, ah, hello! Nice to meet you...
  2. Fasting and Cleansing
    are you up for a fast? because i sure am ;-) write your kik here or pm me or whatever and we'll set everything up have a nice one!
  3. Community Introductions
    Hey guys, So my name is Sam and I'm from a tiny island in the corner of the map called New Zealand (no, we aren't part of Australia!). Here is some background to me, myself and I: (lets be honest, its boring) Since 2010, when I was in junior high school, I have had confidence and body image...
  4. Community Introductions
  5. Community Introductions
    Hello everyone! I am new to this site! So ummm.... hi *waves* I've never done proana and I hope people could help me. :) I know this is a suckish little hello but it's the only thing I could think of typing...I'm too lasy and sleepy and...woah it's almost 12:00 p.m! (night) Anyways.. oh...
1-5 of 5 Results