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  1. hi!

    Community Introductions
    my name's noah i've had an ed for almost 8 years now i tried recovery once but well now i'm back here soooo
  2. Community Introductions
    hello hello nice to meet u all! ive relapsed pretty bad lately and have decided to come here after being on other ed forums/sites soooo im just glad to be here i cant wait to start a blog where i can post daily life stuff my name is bella and my prnouns are she/her and im 20yrs old~!
  3. Community Introductions
    hello there! I kinda just realized I never made an introduction post soooo here I am :> I've always felt weird about sharing my name online and it's a bit extra risqué in this case so you may just call me Alice. I am currently nineteen, I've had an ED for a long time now - probably since the...
  4. Community Introductions
    Hi everyone <3 Im astro (screen name only so no icky fetish people try and find me) (he/they/she btw) Im 18 about to turn 19 on the 20th & ive been eating disordered since i was 15, diagnosed when I turned 17. I started bulimic then anorexic and then kind of a mix of both lol. I joined MPA...
  5. Community Introductions
    Oh wow I haven't used this website in so long, it makes me both happy and sad to see it's still active. Umm... so I guess I'm relapsing. I tried my hardest to loose weight "healthily" but... ugh, I just can't. I'm disgusted by myself in sooo many ways, I'm currently like, 20lbs higher than my...
  6. Community Introductions
    hi hi follow my blog 4 daily updates, meal pics, body checks, etc. gonna be using this place as a safe space for venting, & taking accountability already browse literally 100 times a day & im not new but it only makes sense i start 2 post actively a little bit about me, u can call me star, i...
  7. Community Introductions
    Hi! I'm Kyra! I'm new here and yeah. I want to make friends here, and yeah. Sorry I'm very awkward lol. I have discord and Twitter, so if you want to add me just let me know! So yeah hi!!
  8. Community Introductions
    It's me. Once again. Feels weird being here all these years later, but disordered brains do what disordered brains gotta do. As others here have similarly echoed, I am: returning, after a long time back, on my bullshit here once more, doing the damn thing arrived home after a brief holiday...
  9. Community Introductions
    Hello all. I've been a member of this site for a few years now but I forgot I could do an intro? So I'm doing one now! I've struggled with ED (restrictive type ana) since about 14 years old (I'm 22), I think? It gets real bad when I'm super stressed, but it didn't become a *problem* until the...
  10. Community Introductions
    hello, ive been going on this site for quite a while now but i only just made an account. i was overweight as a kid and the slimmed down to average when i got my growth spurt. when my depression and anxiety spiraled out of control last year after my high school grad, i ended up binging on...
  11. hi

    Community Introductions
    hii im a 25 year old woman from canada who travels a lot. was fat when schoolage, my life has changed a lot since becoming thin. rn not doing too good but ya, excitedto be in a community
  12. hi

    Community Introductions
    hi, i'm not exactly new here but i thought to say hi anyways since it's been a while. i'm now weight restored etc. but hopefully not for long
  13. The Happy Place
    yellow this HUGE tea cup is very special 2 me n is part of my life tink_tink lol im bored n always lik 2 ask wadduppp idk dm me or like some1 elses post post a pic of something ur looking forward 2 like a new purchase :wub: a cute little meal? :rolleyes: :unsure: :unsure: :unsure...
    hi rn
  14. Community Introductions
    hello, I made an mpa account a while ago, but I just started consistently using it. I have had disordered habits off and on for a while and I have had body image issues for my entire life. Some of my earliest memories involve being upset about my appearance. Last year, my school counselor...
  15. Community Introductions
    Hey guys! So I've been gone for a while working on me and my life. Trying to do better and get better, and for a while it was working! But then all the thought started coming back again and I can't stand the changes that have happen to me...body mainly...go figure. So I've come back to try and...
1-15 of 500 Results