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  1. Skinny Girl Diet
    For the last few months, I've been in a cycle of losing and then maintaining, regardless of my restriction, and have hit the cursed Weight Loss Plateau. To keep myself from going insane, I'm devoting the rest of 2022 to the Extended Version of the HSGD, to get over my plateau and to hit my UGW...
  2. Skinny Girl Diet
    Hey Beautifuls! We're back at this again. My weight has climbed back up to the limit of where I'm comfortable with and the past week has been hell with the b/p sessions. I had lots of success with the HSGD; it helps my relationship with food, more sustainable/ helps with harm reduction and yeah...
  3. Skinny Girl Diet
    So I started the hsgd at the start of the week and would love some comments/feedback on my accountability! otherwise it just feels like I'm typing into the void lol. I'll follow everyone back <3
  4. Skinny Girl Diet
    I wanted to do the ABC Diet, but I still live at home + my dad is watching what I eat. With this diet, I'll be able to somewhat restrict and lose weight, but not as extreme as the ABC diet I'm not sure what i weigh atm since my scale is broken lol, but my current GW is 55 kg, with 45 kg being...
  5. Skinny Girl Diet
    Hey Everyone! Haven't been on here in forever and I'd love for this to be my official rejoining of the community. My ED is back in full swing (did it ever leave?-hehe) and I've been struggling badly with b/p sessions late at night. I've kicked myself out of ketosis due to low energy during the...
  6. Member Diets
    You guys know the gist. Each day I report my caloric allowance, calorie consume, and daily observations of my mental and emotional sate. Without further a do! Let's do it. SW: 157.0 GW: 148.0 Total Goal Loss: 9.0 lbs
  7. Skinny Girl Diet
    I'm not new to myproana, but I have never posted before. I'm more of a lurker. So today I decided I will start an accountability thread for the HSGD (healthy skinny girl diet). Feel free to follow along with my journey! For now, I will only be following the 30 day version of this instead of the...
  8. Skinny Girl Diet
    Hi, guys! So most of you probably know the HSGD, and if you don't, here's link to the image that explains it: There are some different variations, one with lower restrictions and one that's longer (90...
  9. Skinny Girl Diet
    Hi I am carrying on the HSGD after completing 19 days here:�-hsgd-accountability��/?p=73566063 I lost 9lbs. CW: 140.6lbs GW1: 130lbs GW2: 120lbs UGW: 110lbs I've included the diet I'm following in my signature! :)
  10. Member Diets
    I planning on starting the Healthy Skinny Girl Diet soon, but I'm not so sure about the not counting calories from fruit and vegetables part. The vegetables part is fine, but I feel like fruit calories can add up really fast! For people who have done the SGD or HSGD, did you count fruit calories?
  11. Skinny Girl Diet
    Hello, I have logged back into my old account. I haven't used this account for 5 years. In that 5 years I've been on so many different medications and I've gained over 10 stone which I NEED to lose. I have decided that today I am going to start the healthy skinny girl diet. I've been binging...
  12. Starting at a higher BMI
    Hi everyone! So here's the plan: I have a 90d plan. First 30d: HSGD (just following the calorie intake per day, and not the other rules) Second 30d: HSGD/SGD + not so strenuous exercise (like yoga) Third 30d: SGD + more strenuous exercise (like running) I planned it this way because that's...
1-13 of 203 Results