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  1. Public Blogs
    body check all i do is fuking body check. i now have four full size mirrors. everywhere i go in the apartment i catch a glimpse of what is going to change. i feel disrupted when my boyfriend is home from work, i cant let him know how bad this relapse is/ dont want him to. i just want to get to...
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    So today i came home and was so hungry i had a mini binge.. it's not that much but considering i never eat hardly anything and was doing so well, this makes me feel quite guilty.. This is what i had: 1/4 baguette with tomato, lettuce, cheese, two slices of fried meat (thin slices) , butter and...
  3. Community Introductions
    Hi I just made this account I'm 13 and I' am recovered from my ED:) I should be happy but I don't like it. I'm too fat ?? I weigh 8st5lb now it's miserable.even though I've started losing weight again after recovery. I have just been bingeing and bingeing the past week and then punishing myself...
  4. EDNOS Discussions
    Okay I do but I get a ton on anon hate. Do any of you have one and if you do do you get a lot of hate??
  5. Hi

    Community Introductions
    Hi Im kitty, I'm 17. 45kg. (99lb) 159cm (5.2ft) I am uncomfortable with my weight. I also need advice on exercising. I would like to loose weight off my legs yet my dieting only seems to take it off around my upper body. Does anyone know of good exercises that may help? Also I need to...
1-5 of 20 Results