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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    And if you don't mind sharing physical stats, would be much appreciated: Height - 6'4 Weight - 168lbs BMI - ~20 Daily intake - ~300 - ~800 I wanna up the intake once I've lost this stubborn torso fat because I think it's a bit too low for me to really continue, but I wanna keep my steady...
  2. Member Diets
    I hate my body. That's not news. But i decided to act and get to my goal weight. CW; 84kg GW; 50kg weight to lose is 34 kg. I really want to get to it asap, but my goal is most importantly for me to stay this way. Read and comment whenever you want! My plan will be described at the end, im...
  3. EDNOS Discussions
    When my ED was at its worst, it was related to issues I was having with a guy I had feelings for. I felt guilty about things that happened to him, though logically, I knew I had nothing to do with any of it. I would purge and over-exercise and starve myself in an effort to kill the guilt I felt...
  4. Starting at a higher BMI
    Some time ago a guy askedme out. Problem is i was wearing my corset that day and a coat so i feel like he might not realize or have realized how fat i actually am and now im freaking. I would like to go out with him and i havent been asked out in quite some time. But im also extremely scared of...
1-4 of 153 Results