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  1. Exercise
    What’s your favorite song to listen to while you work out?
  2. Games
    Finally got to 50 posts 🎉✨ Now I'm posting in games to help anyone else whose trying to reach 50 so they can comment here their favs c:
  3. Bulimia Discussions
    idk if there's an active thread like this rn so apologies if there is. I'll go first: would you rather have a hypersensitive gag reflex or have to shove your entire hand down your throat?
  4. Games
    Or the last one you had. For me Essie’s Wicked (black red).
  5. Games
    Or what was the last perfume you wore. For me Lush’s Snow Fairy, spritzed myself today at the store, I was so excited for the Christmas products!
  6. Games
    I can’t sleep so thought I could start this thread. Write a movie quote that is usually stuck in your head, it doesn’t have to be your favorite movie or even a meaningful quote, just something that stuck with you. Then you can see if you recognize the movie of other people’s special quotes and...
  7. Exercise
    So, I have had my shots with themed diets. They don’t fit me since they are usually just numbers to a picture. On the other had: themed workouts. Does anyone else have any? Do you like them too? I have been getting a little bored with the “leg workout”, “shoulder workout”, “ab workout”...
  8. Anorexia Discussions
    START Month of birth: Jan/Feb/Mar: Ethereal prince/princess Apr/May/Jun: Butterfly Jul/Aug/Sep: Mermaid Oct/Nov/Dec: Snowflake + "of" + your day of birth: 1-7: sparkly 8-14: transparent 15-21: silver 22-28: weightless 29-31: delicate + how long have you been into MPA?: Less than a...
  9. Games
    What do you think I look like? feel free to assume random things Natural Hair color: Hair length: Hair type (straight, curly. etc) Race/Ethnicity: Where do you think I'm from: Eye color: Face shape: Height: Weight: Nails (short, long, fake, chewed etc): Fashion sense/style: Frame (small...
  10. Games
    reply to the person above you with which beverage you'd rather drink!!! :) i'll go first!! lavender lattes or sweet hibiscus tea??
  11. Games
    full day of eating (bfast, lunch, dinner + snack options) in one colour!!! repeat colours if u want
1-13 of 295 Results