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  1. Games
    Like it says, you say a country, the person below says both a girls and boys name from that country or language, and then says the country for the person after them. I'll start: Italy
  2. Public Blogs
    Okay, so... About ~600 net cals, 1145 in total, 548 cals burned<3 Relapsed in a group cutt!ng sesh. Vaped, smoked a little weed, and took my diet pills + some laxatives<3 Did only about 11k steps:(( Also did the PACER test in school, and got about 20~ laps, I was NOT in the mood😭 Went to the...
  3. The Happy Place
    If you dont have pets, what are your stuffed animals names? i have a few pets. my dogs name is oso, meaning bear in spanish. my cats names are pepper and poppy
  4. Games
  5. Games
    basically, using the word above's last letter, name a food starring with that letter! for example : Chocolate Egg...
  6. Games
    you might or might not have heard of this ai creating images out of prompts DALL E mini there are two links to it, one might not work in the future: I put in my name "xfndr" and this came out:
  7. Member Diets
    I find that I'm more motivated or inspired by diets that have a cool theme/name/style. For example, the warrior diet, and I think there was a fairytale or Disney princess themed diet, which I thought was cool. I think I also found a vocaloid themed one (if anyone finds the vocaloid or princess...
  8. Games
    A super easy game ;)
  9. Games
    A super easy game ;)
  10. Games
    What do you think I look like? feel free to assume random things Natural Hair color: Hair length: Hair type (straight, curly. etc) Race/Ethnicity: Where do you think I'm from: Eye color: Face shape: Height: Weight: Nails (short, long, fake, chewed etc): Fashion sense/style: Frame (small...
1-11 of 500 Results