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  1. New Forum Request
    There are so many people on here who have requested a C/S forum in the past and it would help a ton! We don't fit into the bulimia forums or in the AN or EDNOS forum. Some ppl might be triggered by C/S posts so I feel uncomfortable posting stuff openly in the Other Recognised EDs forum. Thank you!
  2. Rumination Disorder
    It's been a while I've been on here and its kinda weird that most of the threads in the Rumination Disorder forum are c/s threads :/ why is that?
  3. New Forum Request
    I know we have a movie and tv show forum under media and art but I thought it could be cute to have one under the Happy Place which would be less about talking about how triggering different things are and more about like "Hey I just watched this Netflix series and here are my theories about it"...
  4. Food
    Chillycow 160 cal mocha icecream half pint Halotop 280-360 Sugar free jello 5 cal with or without whipped cream 15 cal Bananas 90-120 Whipped peanut butter 140 for 2 tbsp The 35 cal a slice bread that walmart sells Light progressive soups 160-200 a can Pickles 0 cal And if you buy that 35 cal...
1-5 of 103 Results