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  1. Starting at a higher BMI
    either as is (like a packaged food item or ingredient) or prepared (like a recipe)! i just wanna expand my range.. i've been eating a lot of tv dinners because theyre super safe for me. i like knowing exactly how many cals im eating in my 250 calorie lean cuisine lol. someones thread just...
  2. Food
    Here are mine- 1. Green tea- 0 cal 2. Black coffee- 2 cal 3. Diet coke- 0 cal 4. Some electrolyte juices- 0 cal 5. Zero calorie syrup 6. Pickle- 5-10 calories per piece 7. Soups- 30-40 calories per pack 8. Toffees- 10-20 cals per piece 9. Tic taks- 2 cals per piece 10. Gum- 10-20...
  3. Bulimia Discussions
    I want to go to Applebees and binge on this and then purge in the bathroom lol I’m such a pig but whatever. Will this be a decently easy purge cause I can’t be too long? Help pls
  4. Anorexia Discussions
    what are your favorite brands and places to buy konjac jelly? i’ve never tried it before
  5. Games
    basically, you post a picture of a food you find unappetizing, and the commenter below says whether they would consider eating it or not. i'll start i like oreos but i could never eat it like this 😅 😭 wbu?
  6. Anorexia Discussions
    I dont know if i’m allowed to ask this but what are some food rules you guys have, not the usual ones like don't eat past 7pm but like food systems. I have specific ways i have to eat food, wbu?
  7. Bulimia Discussions
    these are my binge hauls i’ll rate the food and give you inspiration🥨
  8. Bulimia Discussions
    i’ve read many people describe binges and everyone says something different, i genuinely don’t know what can be considered a binge so can someone pls explain :)
  9. Anorexia Discussions
    What food do you usually take with your medication? normally i don't take anything but recently I got a new prescription that if i don't take it with food i get really sick and not even the fun kind. i want something that's low-cal but also highish volume or denser if that makes any sense. I...
  10. Anorexia Discussions
    exactly what the title says. been eating too many carbs lately and wanna cut down to try and shed some water weight. i’m needing some inspo so hit me with your favorite low carb foods and/or meals ♥︎
  11. Food Photography
    Lol. Watch me, stupid sushi place
1-11 of 500 Results