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  1. Media and Art
    Hey all! I didn't know where to post this, so I figured media would be good since I'm looking for IGs. Does anyone know some good pagan Instagrams to follow? I'm Finnish pagan, but am interested in/open to all pagan and Wicca etc. pages. Thanks!😊
  2. Community Introductions
    Hello lovelies!:) I'm 23-year-old married girl from Finland! I had so hard time picking my username, I came up with it because my newest current obsession is peppermint tea! I'm 165cm/5'5" tall and currently 43.1kg/95lbs which makes my BMI 15.8. My next goal weight is 42kg/92.6lbs/BMI15.4 and...
  3. Public Blogs
    telling my boyfriend? Prior to my ed, me and my bf had been going out for 2 years at first I wasnt sure how to tell him, I thought he may be mad or worse break up wiv me I told him one night after a lovely date all I said was "I have a few problems wiv food that I need to sort out" he knew...
  4. Community Introductions
    Hey call me T. I am an 18 year old dancer girl living in Finland. I am 172cm/5,6feet tall and 61kg/134 pounds heavy. My ultimate goal weight is 44kg/97pounds. I have a pretty long past with dieting, eating(or rather not eating)self-harm and depression. Currently I'm on a max 3500 cal diet per...
  5. Community Introductions
    Hello there, i'm 22 years old girl from finland. I've been living with anorexia over 5 years. I'm 169cm and I don't know how much I weight probably a ton (I'm too scared to get on scale because i've been binging A LOT lately... ) Binge eating is a problem for me too. but not purging, not...
1-5 of 25 Results