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  1. Community Introductions
    Here I am. Finally getting my life together. Lots of things have happened that caused me to have a unhealthy lifestyle and rapid weight gain. This caused all my cute clothes not to fit well or at all. Finally, I had to buy a few new clothes and then I realized this is silly! Why should I...
  2. The Happy Place
    Do you guys have any songs that just make you so happy every time you hear them? Like ones that make you want to dance around or make you feel comforted or generally just make you feel good? I want to make a playlist, Thanks!
  3. The Happy Place
    Hello everyone.. I made a thread like this one about two years ago and it was well received, but seems to have been lost to the forums. So, I figured I would start a new one! This is just a fun feel good type game to get our creative brains going. :3 To play, 1) Please use the quote button...
  4. The Happy Place
    Make a list of the little things about life that keep you going below, let see how many things we as a family have in common!😊😊 1: Buying a new book/ that new book smell 2: Warm fuzzy blankets 3: Teddy Bears 4: The night's stars 5: Making people laugh 6: 100's on tests 7: A clean room 8: The...
  5. The Happy Place
    The news is often filled with awful stories. While it is important to be informed, sometimes it is just too much to read. Therefore, I'm going to start a thread of happy news stories. I'm going to try to find feel-good/happy stories every day and post one. Feel free to add your own happy news...
  6. Food
    Hello people! Lately i've been trying to adopt a Japanese diet but it is often filled with alot of salt and salt makes me feel bloated and tired and just bleh. I was wondering if anybody has any good low sodium, low cal recipes? Broths and stews especially. x
  7. Anorexia Discussions
    I feel like so much if our time we spend scrutinizing ourselves and picking out what parts of us we wish we could change and work on changing it. We are always feeling down about our appearances and our bodies. Sometimes, we just have to do something to make us feel good! I get my nails done...
  8. Starting at a higher BMI
    This goes out to anyone who has binged recently.... I just had a 3 day binge period because I was sick and craving all kinds of foods to make me feel better. I thought I had gained 10lbs from everything I ate and I did NOT want to step on that scale. I knew the number would totally crush my...
  9. Music and Lyrics
    Hi everyone. I love music. Whenever I am online I like to listen to grooveshark. See my broadcast here!/lusciouspulani/broadcast
1-9 of 12 Results