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  1. BED Discussions
    As the title says, I’ve just ruined my two week binge free streak yesterday. I really thought I’d never binge again. Am I doomed to be a failure forever? Is it all hopeless?
  2. Food
    I tried to do the thing and it was a disaster. But I'm thinking with a better bar and only setting the microwave to 30s the trick has potential. Normally hate protein bars so I tried the only kind we had in the house and it was trash 😔 but I'm still concerned about my protein intake so People...
  3. Bulimia Discussions
    I just had 2 scoops of ice cream, because my friend told me I HAVE to try them, they are the best in the city. I have a hangover and decided to indulge...of course I regretted my decision as soon as I got them... I really had to pee somewhere and charge my phone so I went to a Samsung salon and...
  4. Public Blogs
    Intro-May 15th I am a 30-year-old former anorexic. I've spent more time in treatment and in recovery than as an actual anorexic, but I've never been able to let go to that part of my identity and I miss when calorie counting and losing weight was the most important part of my life. A couple...
  5. Bulimia Discussions
    my room is right next to my bathroom. i shower purge occasionally but not as much as i used to. my room has a musty sulfur like odor right next to the wall that separates it and the bathroom… my dad thinks maybe the pipes had an issue and the water is leaking into my wall. im terrified that my...
  6. BED Discussions
    How did I go from a size 0 to a size 20 ! :’( I will tell you how anorexia changed to binge eating disorder now I hate myself more than when I was anorexic. at least then I had somthing to be proud of now I’m just a fat failure 😢
  7. Anorexia Discussions
    Why? That's always the first question. Why do I constantly disappoint? Why do I have to live the way I do? Why do I choose to live the way I live? Everything I do is so minimal. My friends are so busy with their own, they're in college, they're engaged, they're travelling to different, beautiful...
  8. Anorexia Discussions
    I started a 4 day fast, and the first day went by quickly, but I woke up this morning with huge cravings, so I gave in and binged for breakfast. Can I keep up with the fast if I threw everything up? Does it still count as fasting if I don't eat for the rest of the day? My stomach is basically...
  9. Bulimia Discussions
    Okay this post might sound a little pro or wannabe .. its not . If you on this site it's because you have an ED, and naturally we want to be the best at our ED. I am NOT ready to get better yet. so no help in recovery cant force someone into recovery we need to decide ourselves but...
  10. Community Introductions
    I'm newly back to my old ways. In 2011 I started restricting how much i ate .usually around 350 to 500 calories on the days I would eat . that was until 2013 when I realized I could eat and eat and eat and as long as it didn't stay in my stomach it didnt matter. I went from only eatimg saltines...
  11. Anorexia Discussions
    God I fucking hate myself rn 😞 i always say I’m going to start over then fuck it up. I feel like such a failure. Drank and ate pizza tonight, like am I ever going to get to my goal weight!? 125. I just need to lose 30+pounds. I’ve already lost 50. Does anyone feel the same????
  12. Starting at a higher BMI
    Everybody makes mistakes. Share with everyone your last screw up. Read other people's mess ups and learn from them, laugh at them, but most importantly, learn that you're human and mistakes are inevitable. You will make it through. Feel free to talk about how you're gonna bounce back if you want.
  13. Bulimia Discussions
    not sure why this keeps happening, but i need some advice or just some answers. i'm anorexic (almost always restrictive type), but occasionally i purge when i feel as if i had too much or if i just freak out. so I just tried to purge after eating (almost immediately after, if that helps), and...
  14. Anorexia Discussions
    I'm on high restriction current so my absolute limit was meant to be 900, but I slipped up today and ate basically an entire bar of chocolate. And although I guess it's not that bad but I don't know how I feel about it, like have I failed today, or binged (keeping in mind my normal binges are...
1-14 of 219 Results