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  1. Orthorexia
    I've seen some people on this subforum lately complaining that they felt a lot of the orthorexics here were "posers" or uneducated about what clean eating entailed. As non elitist as I am, I've also seen some odd things pop up that made me question if we're all on the same page. The dictionary...
  2. Orthorexia
    I already asked the ana forum about this in the past, but now I want the ortho forum's opinion, as now I am asking for a health standpoint. Is white rice a "bad food"? Would you think it's okay to eat? I know it's less nutritionally dense than other rices, but would you still eat this one? Or...
  3. Community Introductions
    Hello everyone!! I need a buddy to lose weight as quickly as possible before 2018 I am 5'2 and currently weigh 117 :( my binge eating has gotten completely out of control because I have gained so much weight in the past 4 months. I tend to eat clean and strict but lately idk i am eating so many...
1-3 of 9 Results