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    i’m klav, i’m at 54,5kg last time i checked and my current gw is 50 (getting close!) started from 63kg end of last year. i swim weekly and i get access to a scale there so i’ll keep you posted. i’ll also be documenting safe foods and possibly body checks, tag along!
  2. EDNOS Discussions
    Here I will post my daily food diaries, including everything I eat and the calories I consumed. Please don't leave comments on this discussion.
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    i bought a scale and after couple of months of not knowing my weight I finnally had the chance to check and well my CW is 71.3kg its my highest weight so I have to change it ofc so here's my diet diary <3 10.12.22 starting weight 71.3 from tomorrow i will post here my meals to track myself...
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    so. i've decided to start this little online journal and post everything i'm eating, plus some thoughts and feelings, because it's easier to hold myself accountable if i know that anyone can see how big of a fuck up i am. ☁️17 nov☁️ i was planning on staying under 600 calories today, but...
1-6 of 17 Results