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  1. Public Blogs
    The Purpose of This Blog - 4/19/22 This blog is simply where I will keep myself accountable, as well as say how my day went and one thing that went good that day. Every Sunday I will make a self check on how I feel, how my week went, and my goals for next week.
  2. Public Blogs
    pineapple i binged on a whole pint of icecream and a pack of double stuffed oreos today and then for dinner i had corn and pineapple. im gonna go on a pineapple mono tomorrow istg its so good and it quiets my brain. only canned pineapple though. 61cals per 100g and drained its about 140g soooo...
  3. Public Blogs
    life currently little life update, well a big one and a big tw for abuse and shit. using my blog as a venting system so I don't expect anyone to reply. life in general and out of 10: not great at ALL but I'm chilling and accepting everything going on lmfao. a solid 3, could be worse. ed life...
  4. Fasting and Cleansing
    Page 2 is where the no eating journey (50 day fast) starts. This is a fasting thread where I put my fasts, rambles, feelings, vents, chatting, stats, refeeding details, supplement and fasting advice and self-revelations. This thread has changed my life, as cheesy as it sounds. Please feel free...
  5. Exercise
    I created an ab workout designed to target the rectus abdominus and obliques (the visible abdominal muscles), based on research studying which exercises activate these muscles the best. These workouts will help you BUILD MUSCLE, resulting in the appearance of a "toned" waist. Muscle is a good...
  6. Anorexia Discussions
    Here's my list: Black coffee (literally a gallon) Cereal Almond milk Apple Banana Lemon Spinach Lentil soup Ensure clear My diet varies very little, especially lately. What are your daily staples?
  7. Anorexia Discussions
    Hey! I'm gonna leave this here if anyone needs to post everyday to keep themselves accountable. I will be doing this myself to let everyone know what I'm eating and when and how much I'm losing. Yesterday I started my relapse and my CW is 113.5lbs, I weigh myself every morning so I will update...
1-7 of 473 Results