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  1. Food
    Just an image dump of food/drink porn, mainly pink sweet things. Please don't comment on this thread but feel free to leave reactions if you wanna.
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    I'm sleepy, cold, bloated (junk and the shit ton of caffeine I've consumed), and have the urge to stretch. I don't feel cute or hot at all. The aquaphor slugged all over my face isn't helping matters at all. I don't want to drink more coffee because I am slightly shaking internally from the...
  3. Food
    ꒰ ִ ֗ *:·゚⌕ ♰ sometimes i feel unmotivated to stick to my cal goals, but looking at aesthetic images of meals usually helps. ꒰ ִ ֗ *:·゚⌕ ♰ romanticizing diets ig?
  4. The Happy Place
    we have 2 dogs in our house but me and my boyfriend have Rosco, and bf's parents have Maggie Rosco - Bubby - Baby Boy - Rosie - Rosco P. Coltrane ((bf's parents came up with that one lmao)) Maggie - Margret - Margret Anne - Maggie Moo - Baby Girl - Bubba
  5. Member Diets
    Exactly what the title says-- I tend to make cute diets every couple weeks or so, and I thought it might be better accountability wise to make a thread instead. I made another thread with my Princess Tutu diet and managed to lose... but surprise, surprise gained back most of the weight. I'm so...
  6. Member Diets
    I like to make my own trackers and diet challenges since I high restrict and have certain rules I try not to break during this relapse (like no purging, no low restricting). My theme this month is Princess Tutu :wub:
  7. The Happy Place
    froggies !! bunnies!! puppies!! feel free 2 add more in the replies!! also the doggies don't have to nesscarily be puppies!! u can also post pictures of ur cat/dog/bunni! :]]
  8. The Happy Place
    I'm getting a cat or dog this month or next month if I can keep my room clean and take my medication on time. So excited!
  9. The Happy Place
    I'm getting a cat or dog this month or next month if I can keep my room clean and take my medication on time. So excited!
  10. The Happy Place
    ❀ ℓιℓιтн & ℓυηα'ѕ ρнσтσ∂υмρ ❀ Welcome to this appreciation post directed at my rabbits Lilith & Luna. In this thread I will post pictures (hopefully daily) of Lilith and Luna, and sometimes there might be a picture or two of Lotus or Lokí as well. I might as well Introduce them. ℓιℓιтн Age: 1...
  11. Member Diets
    Hello angels! I recently decided to buckle down on my diet after gaining a crap ton of weight during quarantine from eating too much takeout and not exercising. As someone who adores angelic, dainty things (and wants to be one), I figured I would incorporate my teacup collection in a cute diet...
1-11 of 364 Results