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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    Hi, I've been over eating a lot recently and have gained 3lbs. Today I have eaten 944 calories, and it's 8:49pm. I shouldn't eat anymore, but I have this bag of vegan watermelon fizzy sweets I really want to snack on. I don't want to throw them away, as I can potentially fit them in to my...
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    i was wondering what you guys do to stop your cravings? i don’t know if that’s exactly what i mean but how do you stop yourself from eating? i’ll fast the whole day but right before bed i’ll cave and end up cruising the kitchen to find at least one thing to binge on just to feel guilty...
  3. Bulimia Discussions
    I have been having awful cravings that eventually make me binge lately. It has caused me to gain a lot, and it is making me depressed. Are there any good suggestions on things I can do to not binge or get cravings like this? I would purge after but I have no way too, which is why I am gaining.
  4. Anorexia Discussions
    I’m planning a metabolism weekend where I eat around 1500-2000 which is still under my tdee of 2200. I’m hoping this breaks my plateau. Does this make me invalid? Will it even work? Also, my logic is also that if I eat the foods that I’ve Been hella craving I’ll satiate it and also remember how...
  5. Anorexia Discussions
    Right now for me im definitely craving hummus and crackers.
  6. Anorexia Discussions
    Idk Im just always hungry and I cant take it so I overeat :/ Do u have any advice on how to fast without sooo bad cravings? (Ik this question is prob asked a lot but yeah)
  7. Anorexia Discussions
    Honestly hand to bible these helped me out so much by suppressing my appetite. Go get the combat cravings pills they’re at most drugstores and the packaging is cute so I trust them but I actually feel such a different in cravings and no side effects
  8. Fasting and Cleansing
    To fight cravings I've started going into my kitchen and just looking at all the food in my fridge. I guess it's like "look what you get if you finish your fast" so it's kinda motivating but I must look so weird just staring into my fridge forever, then leaving without anything. I'm glad my...
  9. Anorexia Discussions
    I've been trying to sleep for an hour now and I can't because I'm so so hungry. I already ate 833 calories today and it's weird because my cravings usually aren't that bad at 800 calories. I don't have any Green tea anymore to surpress my cravings and pain. It's so hard to not go into the...
  10. BED Discussions
    Today was my grandma's 80th birthday. With every new decade the circle of her friends and family members gets smaller, and the pace seems to be increasing. However, there are still a few of her relatives in their 80s and 90s who are surprisingly healthy. Today I overheard them talking about...
  11. Community Introductions
    For the past few days I have been craving sugary foods at night? How do I combat this?
  12. Anorexia Discussions
    hey :,) i’m new to the forum but been going thru this shit for like 10 yrs on n off lol. so far i’ve been going super strong for like 2/3 weeks, i hit my first gw of 125! but now i’m just tryna get out of the 120s range like soooooo SOOOO bad and have been stuck at 125 for like 3/4 days now...
  13. Anorexia Discussions
    hey :,) i’m new to the forum but been going thru this shit for like 10 yrs. i’m just tryna get out of the 120s range SOOOO bad and have been stuck at 125 for like 3/4 days now. honestly think i might b pmsin or somethin bc my cravings have been like INTENSE and specific. luckily i’ve been able...
  14. BED Discussions
    I'm trying to find binge foods that will give me the mental relief I crave when I binge without adding up to so many cals that I feel the need to purge. for example, last night, i could feel a binge urge coming on and so I went to sainsbury's and got a tub of oppo salted caramel low-cal ice...
  15. Games
    Okay this is such a specific post but HEAR ME OUT. From the heading it sounds silly, and I don't mean that playing Skyrim keeps my mind off eating of wanting to eat, no. It is more than that. It's what you see everywhere in the game, you collect it and they're so colorful when they're all...
  16. EDNOS Discussions
    I can't sleep, and although I'm having stomach trouble, I am obsessively thinking about the pepperoni rolls in my freezer that I can't have until my IF ends, at 12:30 (PM). Oh, anorexia, you are a joy. Ugh.
1-16 of 500 Results