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  1. BED Discussions
    Everytime I know there's an situation where I know I will have to eat outside my comfort zone (which is home) I give up on refraining from binging and binge days leading up to the event. I binge because I feel like it's a waste of time because trying to control myself if people are going to drag...
  2. BED Discussions
    last thursday, i made the stupid decision of giving into a binge. and that binge has spiraled into a continuous, never-ending living hell. I have not stopped binge eating for NINE days straight. you would think the daily pain of stuffing my stomach pass maximum capacity would compel me to stop...
  3. Fasting and Cleansing
    I have a friend coming down on the 4th of July and I want to lose as much weight as possible so I want to do a long water fast. The only problem is on Wednesday (22/06/13) my close friend is celebrating her 19th birthday with a dinner and I promised I'd go considering I've missed out on 7 years...
  4. BED Discussions
    I'm glad to see this forum but so far there have been no topics relating to compulsive over eating. Am I the only one? It's terribly shameful for me to admit this. The lines between COE and BED are blurry. I've always been unsure but now I'm certain that I am a COE. Basically I just want start...
1-4 of 9 Results