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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    OKAY so if you like coconut you can make an coconut icecream for 60 calories a cup! Discovered this yesterday and it turned out so good You need: 1 cup Alpro coconut milk 2tbsp Stevia 1tsp Cornflour/cornstarch Dash of Vanilla exstract (optional) Method: Mix the cornstarch/cornflour with the...
  2. Food
    OMG okay so today I went to the drugstore and I'm always going through the babies section because they have pretty nice snacks and so on.. in my country (germany) they have those chocolate biscuits and the whole package is less than 200cal, in other countries they might be from the brand 'heinz'...
  3. Fasting and Cleansing
    Ok so I browse a lot on this diet form for inspiration and I try a lot of the most successful diets and fasts but I would never ever lose more than somewhere around a pound a day even on water fasts (and that was if I was lucky). My height is 5'9 and my weight is somewhere around 164 lbs...
  4. Anorexia Discussions
    I just saw they have those little plastic containers with slices of raw coconut inside on my local grocery store but I'm not sure whether to buy them or not. They're tasty and refreshing but on the other hand they're super rich in fat and probably high calorie... Thoughs?
  5. Food
    So i found a recipe on the internet, don't remember exactly at which site. But i tried it and it turned out pretty good :) it is low carb but high in fats 😣 what do you guys think about it? Does anyone tried this? *sorry for my english*
  6. Food
    So i found a recipe on the internet, don't remember exactly at which site. But i tried it and it turned out pretty good :) it is low carb but high in fats 😣 what do you guys think about it? Does anyone tried this? *sorry for my english*
  7. Diet Results
    Hey everyone, here! So for a while, my willpower has been off the charts! Binge-free for 12 days! So I'm confident I can pull this off. The only fast I've been successful doing is my 24 fast that I did on September 11th of last year. Out of all the fast's, I'm going to try the coconut mono --...
  8. Food
    Hey everyone! So today I wanted to make my own recipe of low calorie vegan pancakes and it is so delicious, so I decided to share it with you :D My portion contains 2 pancakes and has 120 kcal. And from this amount of ingredients I got 5 pancakes. So, here is how I made it: Recipe for 5...
  9. Food
    Do you guys use Coconut flour?!?! Ive been using it to make my microwave mug cakes and its actually incredibly filling AND low calorie! I think its cause it absorbs moisture in your stomach making you feel full for longer. Also gives you loads of energy and low carb
  10. Food
    I love everything with coconut. problem: Coconuts and coconut products are super high in calories. The only low cal options I have and use are coconut (+ricemilk) drinks, coconut water and fat free coconut milk (pretty much coconut liquids), but thats all. I need recipes or foods that taste like...
  11. Food
    Ingredients: (please note that by "parts" I mean volume, not weight!) 2 parts coconut cream 1 part flour 1 part cocoa powder Directions: Mix ingredients in a coffee mug, then microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Good with chocolate chips/chocolate syrup on top, or alone! I use the...
  12. Member Diets
    Hey guys, so this is the first time I ever posted something but I am planning on doing a coconut water fast for the next upcoming 4 days, as I recently just got back from vacation and I gained.. So the plan is: -unlimited amount if coconut water per day -coffee and water is allowed -8 hours...
  13. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    I've heard a lot about it. So when I was at the community outreach centre I go to and found there was some donated and I could have it... I felt like it was my lucky day. Those reviews are so not wrong. The stuff has cleared my face almost right up from blemishes and my skin no longer has...
  14. Mono diet
    What do you guys think, would it be worth it? I mean, I'm doing a 2 week water fast anyway so why not add 1 or 2 spoonfuls coconut oil to the mix? Or will it not make much of a difference? What are your thoughts?
  15. Fasting and Cleansing
    So I started doing a coconut water cleanse just out of the blue and it's surprisingly easy. And this is coming from a bingeohlic like myself. I don't really know how long I will keep this up for - I guess until my body says stop or I reach a satisfying weight. My starting weight was 148.8 and...
1-16 of 33 Results