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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    So I started smoking when I was 14. I started for stupid reasons, like trying to fit in and feeling cool I guess. Almost a year ago I quit smoking, and I actually managed to stay done with cigarettes for a good 6 months or so.I was really proud because I had literally smoked for 8 years. I...
  2. EDNOS Discussions
    my new vape and ejuice came in today and i have more juice on the way! i'm new to smoking, and it's only for weight loss. i know this is bad, but i'm tired of being fat. but the percent of nicotine i have is at 3 mg, which is less than an actual cigarette. do you think this is a high enough...
  3. Vitamins, Supplements and Nutrition
    I hope I’m putting this is the right forum, but I’ve always heard the cigarettes are appetite suppressants; is that true? I don’t smoke and with the new raised age of 21 to be able to buy them I can’t get them on my own (I’m 20). I do vape melatonin and caffeine (Inhale Heath if ur interested)...
  4. Member Diets
    In just over a week I will be visiting my long- distance boyfriend for our two year anniversary. He's cheated on me in early January with his flatmate who I'll be staying with so I need to make sure I look fucking good. For the next 3 days or so I'll be eating only egg whites, drinking only tea...
  5. Anorexia Discussions
    I’m so sad. So scared I’ll turn into a huge fat whale. I have no energy to do anything, let alone exercise and now that I’m 7ish weeks pregnant I quit cold turkey smoking. The baby is more important than anything to me. Please moms, help me. Tell me your success stories please ❤️
  6. Fasting and Cleansing
    Liquid fast I’m going to be trying as school is starting soon for me. Smoking a pack a day.
  7. Anorexia Discussions
    so a lot of us use nicotine to curb hunger, but i'm wondering about which one you prefer. why do you like one more than the other? personally i prefer my juul, but if it's an emergency, cigarettes make me feel so ill i don't want to eat at all.
1-7 of 150 Results