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  1. Starting at a higher BMI
    First accountability thread I've made so sorry if I do anything wrong! Some starting stats: Height: 154.5cm (5'1'') CW: 71.7kg (158lb) BMI: 30.2 (f*** small height :( ) GW: 55kg (120lb) Honestly i do feel a little blessed that my fat collects itself in a very 'curvy' way - i didn't even...
  2. Art
    1 : skelecten 2 : favorite bone 3 : vomit 4 : drugs 5 : fear food 6 : safe food 7 : bathroom 8 : ana 9 : hospitalisation 10 : thigh gap 11 : flat stomach 12 : emaciated 13 : your fav thin/bone/deathspo 14 : orthorexic 15 : junkorexic 16 : thin arms 17 : favorite aesthetic...
  3. Exercise
    so over the summer i had a bad health situation and found it hard to exercise. now i’m in uni and too intimidated to go to the campus gym and be watched by the “gym bros” especially now that i’m so unfit and have gained weight. i don’t want to make excuses for myself. i’ve let myself go and have...
  4. Games
    So I thought about this game. I'm 25 years old so I have 25 days to reach my goal weight. Are you in?
1-4 of 500 Results