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  1. Exercise
    Nothing extreme, I haven't ever really worked out. (Feel invalid for that lol.) Like recommend a 30 minute cardio workout thats quiet. Thanks. Also, if ya can choose one thats beginner ish but also still burns a good amount of cals.
  2. Orthorexia
    I accomplished my longest workout yet, and burned 900 cals in one session. I feel like I'm dying, but I'm super stoked & proud of myself for pushing through. This is getting too addicting.
  3. Orthorexia
    I will say though, I'm fucking obsessed with the high that the gym gives me, and goddamn, I have lost SO much more weight than I ever did from restricting as much as I used to. That, and now I literally never binge because I'm burning upwards of 600 cals/day (hopefully will increase that, but...
  4. Exercise
    I'm just curious, anyone else here dance for cardio exercise sometimes? I use Just Dance Unlimited, and sometimes I just freestyle in my room. I'm pretty shit at dancing, but it's a more fun workout for me that doesn't completely feel like WORKING out, you know? :D
  5. Exercise
    I find running/cardio easier than weightlifting, but I am seeing a lot on instagram of people who only lift but have such toned, skinny bodies. Physique wise, do you have more success with cardo or weights?
  6. Exercise
    So im curently dealing with an arm injury and up to this point most of my workouts have been lifting to maintain muscle or bodyweight stuff that wouldnt be too hard while fasting. Now I cant put any presure on my arm, but cardio like running gets to be too much on fasting days. What do yall...
  7. Exercise
    Hello! What are your favorite forms of exercise? What types of exercise helped you lose the most weight? Cardio? Strength training? Etc...tell me all your weight loss secrets haha Thanks!
  8. Exercise
    hi! i wanted to ask you a little bit of advice about getting started to go to the gym. please, help me, i'm so confused. i finally settled on getting a gym membership, although i will only able to start mid march after i get microblading done. i've never been to the gym. i was a synchronized...
  9. Exercise
    Hey guys, So I have the option to get a free crosstrainer as a christmas gift from the company i work at. We can choose between a bunch of random things, like bed linen, towels, kitchen sets, crosstrainer. I work as an assistant there & don't make much so I don't want to come off too bougie...
  10. Anorexia Discussions
    I’m obsessed with the gym at the moment- I go for about 2 hours a day and I do cardio for 30 mins, weights for an hour and stretching/ break for the other 30 mins. Ive upped to about 1200-1400 calories a day, there’s NO way I’m going to get bulky is there? I don’t mind being toned and I...
  11. Exercise
    Hello, I have come up with some workouts inspired by John Benton and Rachael Attard programs. Both of these personal trainers focus on creating long, lean physiques. They avoid squats, lunges, and burpees as these can make your hips and quadriceps larger. Instead, they prioritize cardio and...
  12. Anorexia Discussions
    Since i can't talk to anyone about this, i though i could share it... sorry if this isn't the forum to share about this. This is the video: What do you think about it? the video is triggering (for me at least) just watch until the end Maybe you can share your experiences with dancing as...
  13. Exercise
    I can't get a gym membership these days so I'm really wanting to get an elliptical for myself at home. Anyone have recommendations? Thank you thank you n_n
  14. Starting at a higher BMI
    I put together a home workout for people who struggle to exercise or want to get started and can't get outside or to the gym due to lockdown. Enjoy! If anyone needs support or demos - join my discord server!
1-14 of 410 Results