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  1. Community Introductions
    Hello, I'm Jordan, 18. I lost the information for my first account so I just made a new one. Uhhh I don't know what people typically put on their introduction but Sexuality:Pansexual Gender: Trans male Height: 5'2 Possible trigger if you're trying to recover . . . Highest weight: 174 Lowest...
  2. 2468 Diet
    I'm starting this tomorrow. I'll be updating here and It'd be nice if there was someone else!!
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    Hey everyone! I've been in recovery for a while now and am ready to fully convert back to my old ways, I'm so disgusted that I'm fat again. I'm starting the ABC diet tomorrow and I really need an ana buddy! Xoxo gigi
  4. Mono diet
    Hey guys- i'm 14 and want a buddy to go on mono with... anyone wanna be my mono buddy? :huh:
  5. Member Diets
    Hey I was wondering if anyone had a good two week diet that works? I'm up for anything really, I just have to get skinny because I'm going to a massive party in a few weeks and I need to look good :/
1-5 of 11 Results