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  1. Bulimia Discussions
    As the title says. I have some of fruit, boiled eggs, salad and oats
  2. Public Blogs
    I had my physical food diary taken away from me, so I'll be using this online one. Well, I don't care much about it since they were just my failed attempts at low res. So anyway, I'll be documenting the stuff I consume both during B/P sessions and outside of sessions. Maybe I'll add a little...
  3. Bulimia Discussions
    I’ve always been too scared to wait to purge, so for me it’s always been immediately after I ate.
  4. Community Introductions
    Heej 💌 I'm Kaia/Kai and I go by any pronouns, I'm 18 and I've been dealing with anorexia b/p subtype for 8 years. This is my second account i had my old one for like 4 years but i did forget the password to my old one and i also don't remember the password to my old email lmao. i relapsed a...
  5. Bulimia Discussions
    I wasn't going to post this, but since my offline friends seem to have lives, I'll keep you guys posted! It's not just a bulimia vacation, but a Halloween vacation with a jacuzzi in the room. :D
  6. Bulimia Discussions
    NOTE: i'm anorexic, but it's been suggested that i'd get better help on here. ok the title is a little clickbait-y but i need help. i've been clean of purging for... three months? i purged yesterday, and it was red? i don't know if it's the food i've been eating or what. i had borscht a little...
  7. Anorexia Discussions
    ok the title is a little clickbait-y but i need help. i've been clean of purging for... three months? i purged yesterday, and it was red? i don't know if it's the food i've been eating or what. i had borscht a little under 24 hours before i purged, and i thought it was fully out of my system...
  8. b/p

    Bulimia Discussions
    i binged & purged on monday but i still feel bloated from it..? it’s been two days, ive never been bloated for this long
  9. Bulimia Discussions
    give me some suggestions! i'm not specifically craving anything today so i'd love to try your recommendations.
  10. Bulimia Discussions
    I'm currently stuck at home for half term which is a massive b/p trigger... So far I've had 1 good day and 1 bad one. I'm hoping to be productive and make the most of this time... I really need it. I am finding myself avoiding academic stress by b/p-ing which obviously doesn't help... Current...
  11. Bulimia Discussions
    do you feel like you could work with food as a bulimic or AN B/P?? if you do work with food, how? I just feel like I could never handle seeing all the food waste when bro I literally coulda B/Ped that 😭 (might make a separate post but) how does food waste effect you?
  12. Bulimia Discussions
    i’m just curious , as i know we all have those foods we ALWAYS incorporate into our binges. for me, it’s always oatmeal, which is odd because i have such a difficult time getting it up. also, frozen yogurt and cereal with almond milk, although we ran out of most food (i need to go shopping...
  13. Bulimia Discussions
    I am in college. I’ve had my ED for as long as I can remember. Lately it’s been bad since I’m alone. I thought it would be easier to starve. But when I live Infront of the dinning hall and have no roomate. I cannot help myself but binge. And I’m talking chips, popcorn, ramen, ice cream, anything...
  14. Bulimia Discussions
    2 aero mousses, 2 pink donuts, 1 randum chocolate pastry ? lul, a small cupcake and finallyy, a share bag of burtons salt and vinegar fish 'n' chips!.. my kryptonite...i did eat the whole bag but ate half of them before taking the photo lul
  15. Bulimia Discussions
    I'm just curious how long I can wait before I purge, like do calories start being absorbed right away? or do they start getting absorbed once the food get into your ingestions?
  16. Bulimia Discussions
    i've recently started b/ping again, and my face + lymph nodes have swelled up as a result. this has never happened to me until now. does anyone know how to get rid of this problem??
1-16 of 500 Results