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  1. Member Diets
    Welcome 🖤 I am currently on a low res and IF 21:3 diet with exercise. I decided to be less strict and allow myself food other than a smoothie as long as it is within my calorie budget of >500. I am also aiming to fast 1-2 days a week minimum with acv, green tea, and a gallon of water. SW...
  2. Bulimia Discussions
    i'm not skinny. honestly, i'm quite fat. i just thought it was weird and cool what purging can do to how you look. i never really cared to compare before, but idk i guess i was kind of shocked when I saw the true result. (These pictures are from awhile ago, and I've lost weight since then, but...
  3. Diet Results
    Hey loves! I'm happy to share my humble diet results with you all here, and while neither my diet or my physical changes may be as drastic as some of the other ones here in this forum, I still finished my diet so :) I originally started my "weightloss" the end of 2019 but I don't count...
  4. Skinny Girl Diet
    Another vegan HSGD attempt.. SW: 70.4Kg CW: 70.4Kg GW 1: 65 KG GW 2: 60 KG GW 3: 55 KG GW 4: 50 KG I will be uploading a daily what I ate on this tread and possibly my before and after x
  5. Anorexia Discussions
    So the pictures at the left is from 23 marts this year, and the on at the right is from now. What do people think? can you see a difference?
  6. EDNOS Discussions
    The one in the black Calvin’s is more recent.. can you see a difference or anything?
  7. The Happy Place
    Got Makeup Done for a show, Loved the result! It was for a contempoary piece I danced, supposed to represent Native spirituality.
  8. Anorexia Discussions
    Just posting for the first time in a long time. I'm back at it again and just posting some photos that I've taken recently my modeling account is @nickylynnxo whoever wants to follow 💕
  9. Commercial Diets
    Has anyone on here done the HCG diet? I started it and it seems to work, but I dont think I am seeing the results that I want. Does anyone have any stories about it/ before and after pictures??? Thanks,xx
1-9 of 56 Results