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  1. BED Discussions
    Hey guys, can anyone recommend books about ED? any genre thx
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    i’ve seen older threads like this but i decided to make a new one. what do you guys like to put on your rice cakes? i like to put 1 tbsp vanilla yogurt (7) 4 blueberries (3) and 1 raspberry (2?) it totals 47 cals but it would be nice to try other things too!!
  3. Public Blogs
    Hi, I’m Teacup. This is my diary where I’m going to vent and talk about my day. Will try to post once a day at least however, I can’t promise anything as I am very busy normally. so a bit about myself. I am a university student in the uk, I study biomedical science and I’m currently working in...
  4. Public Blogs
    This is my desperate try to start an accountability thread/blog for my daily intake. Or, at least my overeating/binges. I really need to get back on track after YEARS of emotional eating, stressful eating and just eating because it soothes me. I will post here as often as I can remember, and...
  5. Starting at a higher BMI
    Ive officially reached my highest weight. Ever. Im doing okay mentally but also im not. I need to lose this weight asap. So im cutting down to 1200 first for a few weeks, then 950. Anyone who wants to talk and be there for each other whos starting with a higher BMI or above 200 please just drop...
  6. BED Discussions
    ☃ Hey all, I feel like I missed out on NB.October so I wanted to start a fun accountability post, who's down to support each other through NO BINGE NOVEMBER Post here to stay accountable, get it off your chest or gain support and tips from each others success lets be mindful, keep our journals...
  7. BED Discussions
    hi i struggle w bed and ana and lately, I've been binging like every day. I do fine the majority of the day trying to restrict myself, only eating fruit at lunch. But then once I get home it is so much harder. All I can ever think about is food and I always fall into temptation. Once I fall into...
  8. Anorexia Discussions
    Over the course of six months, I managed to gain 140lbs because of the stress of IB exam preparation, testing, and waiting for results. Now, I am at a staggering 264lbs. At least, that's what the scale said a month ago. My measuring tape says I've lost a few inches. I've been trying to lose...
  9. BED Discussions
    Hey :) I am suffering from BED and want to ask you guys how you managed to overcome your ed or if you´re still in the process of doing so: what are your methods? I go to therapy, but it just takes so long to achieve something and I would just be interested how you managed to reach your goals.
  10. BED Discussions
    Hi guys, this is my first time posting here. The thought of meeting people who also have BED makes me feel happy because I think you can probably understand me. So...I´ve had a period in my life where I was constantly unhappy. That was when I was 15. Nowadays I know that it was the time where my...
  11. BED Discussions
    on how much calories do you binge? without gaining weight? I genuinely wanna know if there are underweight people w just a fast metabolism here lol
  12. Bulimia Discussions
    I'm just curious how long I can wait before I purge, like do calories start being absorbed right away? or do they start getting absorbed once the food get into your ingestions?
  13. BED Discussions
    I started working this summer and managed to restrict my food intake. I lost quite a bit of weight. But then I quit my job because I started binging and feeling depressed again. This is so frustrating. I feel very powerless and not sane in my mind. Tried to purge the food even though I have had...
  14. Anorexia Discussions
    Anyone else have constant ED dreams? Ever since I developed an ED, I’ve had continuous dreams revolving around either food or scales or something. Like one time I had a dream that I was showering with a scale in the shower with me to periodically check my weight? Or I’ll have dreams where I eat...
  15. BED Discussions
    honestly i think a majority of the time for me its out of boredem, but recently it's been certain smells, and appearance related... any one else have the same triggers? does anyone have tips to combat the urges? once i have my mind on eating,i legit cant stop until im sick.
  16. Community Introductions
    Hey, I'm new here. and have been lurking for a while. I'm surprised to find an active forum. it makes me a bit excited to see everyone :) I'm not really going into details about my size because honestly I find it a bit embarrassing, to speak about (lol duh) I'm Male / 25 / 6'2 I really want to...
1-16 of 500 Results