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  1. Media and Art
    I'm curious (and bored) so I'm asking: What is your favorite song by your favorite band? I'll start. My favorite band is The Ramones. My favorite song of theirs is You're Gonna Kill That Girl off the album Leave home. It's not a popular choice I think but for some reason I adore it the most...
  2. The Happy Place
    aaaaaaa okay so I don't really have anywhere else to write this since i'm already annoying all of my friends & followers on instagram so i'm gonna put it here!!! So back in July I registered for VerifiedFans on ticketmaster which basically means you register, wait for either a confirmation email...
  3. Exercise
    has anyone tried any of those stomach sweat bands? Do they really work? I've tried one before and I def sweat way more, but is it actually helping get rid of weight or am I just sweating??
  4. Anorexia Discussions
    Where are my alt kids my punks goths emos metal heads ect.. Comment a band your in love with and a song that you have to listen too example Im a punk - I'm on my way to being a crust punk lol today is 4/20 so Song: once in a lifetime - talking heads Band: Onsind
  5. Media and Art
    I'll start; I've had "Jay's a Wreck" by Kid Dakota on repeat since 10:00 this morning. How about you? What are you listening to and for how long?
  6. Music and Lyrics
    I really like dark wave, new wave, post punk, gothic rock, emo, dream pop, and similar. Some bands I enjoy are Strawberry Switchblade, Bauhaus, MCR, AFI, The Used, The Cure, The Sound, and Taking Back Sunday. What do you enjoy?
  7. Music and Lyrics
    Self Harm: Scars ~ SayWeCanFly/Braden Barrie Bruise My Bones ~ SayWeCanFly/Braden Barrie Deepest Cut ~ Get Scared Alibis ~ Marianas Trench The War Against Ourselves ~ Joel Faviere If They Knew ~ Joel Faviere Made Of Scars ~ Stone Sour On The Inside ~ Uncle Adams Heal The Wounds ~ Dilz I Bleed ~...
  8. Music and Lyrics
    yo anyone into any of the following: - THE DRUMS - god i love jonny lol - The Kooks - Vampire weekend - Mac Demarco - passion pit - 2 door cinema club - sticky fingers - The 1975 - Empire of the sun - Lorde - Group love - mGMT - Dance Exponents - current joys - High places -...
  9. Music and Lyrics
    Hi! I'm new here.. I really like music, and I'm down to talk about it! Here is a list of bands/artists I've been listening to lately.. Highly Suspect Nirvana Marilyn Manson Alien Sex Fiend Behemoth Nine Inch Nails The Gits Siouxsie and the Banshees The Cure Lana Del Rey Melanie...
  10. Games
    I really wanted to start a game! I don't know if this has been done yet, but I haven't seen it. Just alphabetically list bands/musicians/rappers/ect. I'll start! Asher Roth
1-10 of 85 Results