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  1. Art
    After feeling like some charms I had for jewelry making seemed lowkey proana in a super pretty way, I decided to make a chain collection of charms with that kinda imagery as inspo. I keep it hidden but sometimes I take it out and it makes me feel happy/motivated. I figured I’d post it here cause...
  2. Art
    1 : skelecten 2 : favorite bone 3 : vomit 4 : drugs 5 : fear food 6 : safe food 7 : bathroom 8 : ana 9 : hospitalisation 10 : thigh gap 11 : flat stomach 12 : emaciated 13 : your fav thin/bone/deathspo 14 : orthorexic 15 : junkorexic 16 : thin arms 17 : favorite aesthetic...
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    Soo I wrote this text yesterday, and it is about never being sick enough. A trophy - by lalas Thank you. Thanks to everyone who supported me. Who gave me motivation, and stood by my side as I worked hard to achieve my goals and get this trophy. This throphy that Ive been chasing for so, so...
  4. Beauty, Health and Wellness
    I made this post in Media and Art but I’m pretty sure it would fit here more so share your makeup looks I’d love to see them💌 Link to the thread I made so you can also see my makeup dump<33
  5. Media and Art
    I love makeup so I'm gonna share some pics of my funky little looks here & id love to see other people showing off their creations 💌 remember there is no right way to do makeup bc it's a form of self-expression so no mean comments on ppls makeup in this post my dudes💌
  6. Art
    Can't seem to add image files to status updates so making a thread for my venty stuff here. It will mostly be doodles/sketches of ED/body image related things and feelings. It's really for me to get them out/add dates to my emotions, but feel free to comment or post your art. Friday 21st of...
  7. Anorexia Discussions
    Greer Lankton was an artist in the East Village scene in the 80s. She was atypically forward about her anorexia and depicted it + at points spoke about it frankly. Don't think I've ever seen fine of art of such a thing before!
  8. Media and Art
    Please forgive me if I say something incorrectly cause Idk how to translate what I wanna ask in English lol Soo you know how before students were being with and helping their art mentor for the whole day and that is how they learn art? I wanna be a helping hand and learn from someone, but I...
  9. Art
    I love to draw, it's like there's nothing wrong...
  10. Anorexia Discussions
    Just want to see some good artworks lol
  11. Anorexia Discussions
    I would like to paint a picture that will portray eating disorders as best as possible, so if you have any idea I would really appreciate if you comment it :) It can be in any style, a person, animal, nature, whatever you can think of.
  12. Art
    If you post your art (of any kind!) On instagram, I'd love to follow you 💕💕💕 I don't post much anymore, but I will start with sharing mine :) @ _jehart
  13. Art
    hey there!! I'm new here. I'm going to be quite active from now on! I'm currently looking for an Ed buddy rn
  14. Media and Art
    disclaimer: i really don't want this to be perceived as glorifying/romanticising the ed, which i know isn't necessarily forbidden on mpa, but if i loved it that much i wouldn't feel the need to Art It Out™. all the same, reading the post back, it feels semi-unavoidable. if you process...
1-17 of 500 Results