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  1. Bulimia Discussions
    Hiiii, I’ve recently relapsed back from AN/r to AN/bp and I'm feeling pretty hopeless. I want to break the cycle but I dunno how soon that’s gonna be as of right now. Anyways with that being said here’s a little Q/A, feel free to join :). 1. How long do you wait to purge after taking the first...
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    hiii im jace o/ so i was thinking today and i wanna go ana again. i was so much happier with myself when i was at my lw. but im recovered for 5 months and am scared. any thoughts welcomed! ❤️
  3. Orthorexia
    I recently went vegan. I've heard a lot of different things about soy and tofu. Is it good for you or bad for you? How often should you eat it as a protein source? I have a lot of questions. If you have any other things to add about veganism please do!
  4. Orthorexia
    I have been reading through a lot of posts in here that contain random bits of misinformation- I am no expert but know a bit about the biochemistry regarding why some things are healthy and others not, gmos, fat metabolism etc. It would be cool if there was a thread for questions where others...
  5. Anorexia Discussions
    So, lately I have been freaking out over my thighs because of how untoned and flabby they look. Really, they look the same in the mirror but not when I look down. I have a (not a full) thigh gap, but they just look different and feel thicker. Plus, now I have a sunburn on my legs and back, so my...
  6. EDNOS Discussions
    Many of us question why we have an eating disorder. How did it start? When exactly did it start? What caused it? Could it have been prevented? Something just occurred to me. This takes a bit of explaining, so stay with me. EDNOS can easily be a combination of Anorexia, Bulimia, and BED. With...
  7. 2468 Diet
    Hi everyone, I'm so sad because I weight myself and I weight five kilos more than before the holidays. I wanna die :''( Please tell me how to lose five kg or 10 lbs in one week. Help meeeeee!!!
  8. 2468 Diet
    Hi everyone, I'm so sad because I weight myself and I weight five kilos more than before the holidays. I wanna die :''( Please tell me how lose five kg or 10 lbs in one week. Help meeeeee!!!
  9. Bulimia Discussions
    I was purging and I noticed these small black shreds, looked kinda wispy. I couldn't remember anything dark or black that I ate. I didn't think anything of it at first. But it was in all of the purge. You know how the purge kinda comes up in separate groups? Well the black shreds were in every...
  10. Games
    How to play: you answer the question of the person above you and then you ask a question to the person below you, asking them if they would do something if there was an upside/downside to it. (I know it's a bad explanation but it's pretty easy to grasp onto once you start playing) Would you eat...
  11. Orthorexia
    Well, lately I have had a stomach ache because I was eating a punnet of blueberries and when I got to the bottom they were all furry...*shudder* BLEUCH XP I rarely get stomach aches except when I eat too much or eat something bad, but when I do, my meat-eating mother (who is constantly...
  12. Bulimia Discussions
    Long story short I fasted all day, then ate 5 pizza bites while chugging 32 oz of water. It took me less than 5 mins to inhale the stupid shit. The very second I finished the last bite, I ran to the bathroom, stuck my fist into my stomach with my left hand, and fingers in my throat with the...
1-12 of 26 Results