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  1. Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw Food Diets
    I am what you call an ethical vegan. I am not a healthy vegan, and wont eat produce, as I have sensory issues. Everything from the soap in my bathroom to the soles in my shoes are not made with animal products. I don't own leather, suede, or wool. I am vegan because when I was 10, I realized...
  2. The Happy Place
    two cats (out of maine coon, manx, cymric, ragdoll, and sphynx) one named kiska and the other, fish/squid dog (keeshond, shetland sheepdog, or bernese) named kavik goats and chickens (named whatever my future kids and husband pick)
  3. The Happy Place
    I can get pretty mean when I'm hungry. I get worse when I eat, because I am mad at myself. But when I find myself in a bad mood, I look to my dog/best mate. He always does something to make me smile...even if it's just watching him sleep. Does anyone else find being around an animal, or even...
  4. The Happy Place
    froggies !! bunnies!! puppies!! feel free 2 add more in the replies!! also the doggies don't have to nesscarily be puppies!! u can also post pictures of ur cat/dog/bunni! :]]
  5. The Happy Place
    Well, I just really love yaks :wub:
  6. Art Hi tere, the picture is not mine, but a close friend of mine asked me if I could...
  7. The Happy Place
    hey everyone, this month i started volunteering 3 times a week at my local animal shelter looking after rescue cats, and let me tell you it's been the most worthwhile and fulfilling things i've done all year honestly. not much in life gives me the feeling of purpose, and most of the time i feel...
  8. The Happy Place
    Show everyone what kind of pets you have
  9. Games
    Hey, I'm just starting this thing, so the next person can pick my spirit animal!
1-10 of 124 Results