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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    hii im looking for an ana buddy if anyone’s interested, i’m 15F and don’t care what your age is/gender as long as you’re not younger than 14. add me on discord!! isa#3161
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    Hey guys! I havent found too many other stoner rexies out there, but I feel like there should be more of us! If you can stay away from the munchies you can loose weight!! Personally I don't get the munchies so its not really a problem. Why doesn't anyone talk about it lol
  3. Starting at a higher BMI
    Ok so I'm looking for an Ana buddy that's. The same height and weight(or around it). Dm me if your interested. I need the motivation.
  4. ABC Diet
    i feel like doing the abc today , i really want to go through this with some one eles so we can motivate each other and see each others progress , who ever wants to join please message or comment below xoxoxoxoxo
  5. Community Introductions
    My name is Eileen i'm 15 years old, 5 ft 0" 88lbs And yes, im a newbie:) I've been dieting on and off for months, But im taking a stand and finally getting dedicated! Anyone that maybe possibly wants to be my ana buddie can message me:) ~Eileen♥...
  6. 2468 Diet
    Okey so I'm looking for motivated ana-buddies! 17-30 years old. I'm doing the 2468diet and have been at it for about 3 weeks or so. I started at 150lbs (68kg) and now I'm down to 129,8lbs (58,9kg). GW is somewhere between 100-115 I think. Oh and I'm 5'7 (170cm) I'm looking for people that...
  7. Community Introductions
    Hi, my names Sarah, I'm eighteen and I'm from Ireland.
1-7 of 22 Results