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  1. The Happy Place
    My mom asked me what she should get me for my birthday. I told her to get me a red, beaded bracelet. Little did she know, she got me an Ana bracelet- best gift ever.
  2. Public Blogs
    Day 1 Well, I am new to this site and I thought it would help me lose more weight. I have been trying to lose weight since June 2013. I started at 195.6 and I am now 138.4. Though I have done well so far, my goal is to be 122 or lower (not below 110, because that is too underweight). As of the...
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    I would like a nice pretty ana bracelet. I thought these where nice :) Do any of you make them? And would send one to me?
  4. Anorexia Discussions
    I wanted a bracelet but wanted something not beaded and something more subtle/simple. Whatcha guys think?
  5. Public Blogs
    Tired and Lonely. Im so tired, four times today ive thrown up, and ive barely eaten a thing. yesterday it was 8 times, everytime id have a biscuit or anything, i had to get rid of it. Im lonely. Im on tumblr and now on here just looking for support and someone who understands but i cant find...
1-5 of 23 Results