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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    Hi I'm really confused and panicking rn. Yesterday my scale said I was 35.8kg, today I just ate one raw carrot, drunk a bit (but peed before weighing) and ate a shitload of sugar free gum. My belly is really bloated bc of the air due to the chewing, and I weighed myself a few minutes ago, and I...
  2. Games
    Love The Last Airbender? Take this quiz and find out which spirit element you are! It's a pretty short quiz and is pretty limited with only 4 choices per question but just a short little fun quiz to do. I got air! "You are...
  3. Bulimia Discussions
    This article actually has been invaluable to be since my EDNOS turned to Bulimia about 5 years ago. Well, I sometimes choke or cough while purging and this makes me breathe in food. This is EXTREMELY dangerous. It can lead to lung infections and other serious health problems. My grandma ended up...
  4. BED Discussions
    i wqas thinking about asain people and how they eat slowly and they use chopsticks. soooooo.....i was thinking i shjoud buy chopsticks and use them wenever i eat. NO MATTER WHAT THE FOOD IS. one of my bigggest issues is eating too fast and end up eating more than id like because i just shovel it...
  5. The Happy Place
    I want to wish everyone a beautiful day filled with lightness, air, love, feeling good, liking and loving life, and feeling in control of what is done and not in the day! Love you all :P
1-5 of 10 Results