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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    Hi guys it's my first time thinking of trying a mono to boost my progress and break my plateau. How many calories should I do (I currently restrict to 300 on weekdays and 800 on weekends). Also, are monos generally successful? I want to do a semi healthy one but I want it to be low cal and...
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    so last night i got admitted to psychiatric hold against my own will. i’ve gotten force feeding multiple times because they won’t let me speak to a dietitian and i’m a vegan who also has arfid besides anorexia, which means that i am physically unable to eat certain things and flavours and that’s...
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    Hii. So I'm really trying to stay strong, but gosh I struggle with my blood sugar. To give you some background I am currently in university and want to do really well. My blood sugar is giving me a hard time while studying and I need to keep it up to concentrate. What do you guys do to keep it...
  4. Bulimia Discussions
    As the title says, will I loose any calories if I throw up 1hr 30mins - 2hours after the meal. I ate so much like 700 :(
  5. Anorexia Discussions
    Yes, I am stupid for putting myself at risk by associating myself with possible pedos and grown men with skinny fetishes. But my current Ana coach is pretty young and he’s kinda hot- we’ve talked about our lives and what we do. since he does body building and I’m barely starting out, he has...
  6. Anorexia Discussions
    About a month ago, I had a 31 inch waist and now, it fluctuates between 27.5 to 26.8 inches depending on the day. My back is also getting smaller as well as my arms (11 inches to 10.2). My thighs no longer touch and my cheekbones are getting more pronounced. but, that also means that I’m losing...
  7. EDNOS Discussions
    So basically this bout has been going on for about a year now. It started with reintroducing fear foods (basically anything with added sugar) this turned into binge eating for a few months. It wasn't very frequent however until October 2021 when it got worse. Then I started to do some short 24...
  8. Anorexia Discussions
    I was anorexic for almost two years and lost a ton of weight. Sadly, I also have a binge eating disorder that flared up during my senior year of highschool when I was stressed with college apps and SAT/AP prep. I gained like 50 pounds in less than a year which is super embarrassing. I look so...
  9. BED Discussions
    honestly i think a majority of the time for me its out of boredem, but recently it's been certain smells, and appearance related... any one else have the same triggers? does anyone have tips to combat the urges? once i have my mind on eating,i legit cant stop until im sick.
  10. Anorexia Discussions
    Just a warning, im VERY lazy and have no energy, so things that take a lot of effort like working out, counting cals, etc are hard. The thing I struggle with most is cravings and nit giving into those. I would REALLY love suggestions to lower appetite so I don’t care about cravings as much, or...
  11. Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw Food Diets
    I recently got a pack from Koro, but, I can't stand the taste. Do you have any ideas on how to make this bittersweet taste disappear? I want to consume some for the proteins but it doesn't taste good at's all powdery and it tends to disgust me a lot.
1-11 of 500 Results