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  1. Anorexia Discussions
    Do you as well sit on MPA until your limbs fall numb and far past that as well?
  2. Bulimia Discussions
    Holy shit I can't stop eating every time I'm home alone I just eat and eat and eat help I can't keep doing this I think I'm addicted to eating I wish I didn't have to purge I just want to not eat. I think I've screwed myself over. Hi sorry but any tips about how to stop/effectively purge thanks
  3. EDS Book Club
    Everyone should know what bullet journaling is, and for what it's being used. I myself have two bujos: one for college and of course one for books. I was wondering if any of you have book bujos yourself! Show pictures of your book bujos <3
  4. Bulimia Discussions
    So I want to know your story.When did all start and what were you thinking? My story : May 2017(1 Year ago )..I had a normal check up at the hospital ( every 6 months ) and they told that if I keep on eating like I was before I would get diabetes (I weight 210 pounds /95kg at a height of...
  5. Starting at a higher BMI
    I used to be on a diet of 500 cals a day until I started antidepressants.. now I eat around 3000 calories a day and it's so hard to just eat less! It's like a compulsion/urge and habit. My brain says I'm constantly hungry when I'm not at all. I look at all the thinspo, I make all the plans and...
  6. Anorexia Discussions
    It's so weird like I can spend hours and hours looking at recipes, pictures of food or watching mukbangs on yt... it's kinda annoying because I just procrastinate like that the whole day due to a lack of energy and just because I feel the most comfortable just looking at food. Idk it's so weird...
  7. Anorexia Discussions
    Hello, everyone, I hope you're all having a good day! this is my first post in this community and I'm glad that I've discovered it earlier when I was looking for pro-ana sites. There's this problem that I have faced while losing weight. When I first started, I only exercised at home ( I lost...
  8. Bulimia Discussions
    So it started off with me seeing some pills from the 'weight management' section in Boots (a popular drugstore chain where I live). Now I'm at a point where I pretty much live in that area, buying new boxes of pills almost weekly because I run out of them so quickly. It's like I can b/p all I...
  9. Bulimia Discussions
    Never before have I felt so addicted to this. I can't stop eating, I can't stop purging. This has been going on for the past 5 hours. I've gone back and forth between eating and purging six times today. I feel like I can't stop. I feel like crying. I was so close to not purging altogether and...
  10. Food
    my boyfriend has been giving me major crap lately about how much diet coke i've been drinking lately. i average about 3 cans a day. is that bad? am i the only one? (and yes, i know i should stop but i'm not doing drugs anymore so i need something "bad" to do everyday! LOL)
  11. EDNOS Discussions
    I can become an entirely different person depending on what "cycle" of EDNOS I'm in. Right now my room is a huge mess. I'm a complete slob. It's honestly disgusting. I just can't be bothered with it right now. I don't care. I'm unorganized and can hardly keep up with anything. My homework is...
  12. Bulimia Discussions
    It's becoming a bad habit and increasing in frequency. It's not even binging and purging now. It's just purging. I'll eat 500 calories worth of food and purge it. If I feel like it was the wrong type of food, or I ate too early, I'll purge it. I could eat something I know is in my calorie...
1-12 of 40 Results