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  1. ABC Diet
    ive been meaning to do this for awhile, but im going back to college today and itll be easier bc no ones really monitoring my meals im going to start tomorrow (monday 01/09) and will be updating with step count and calorie count :)
  2. ABC Diet
    i know i probably should’ve probably posted this earlier, but is anyone up to do the abc diet with me?? doing it as a sort of new year’s resolution, so i’ll start january 2nd (not 1st because you’re supposed to start it on a monday) let me know if you’re down!!!
  3. ABC Diet
    i finally got out of a binge cycle and am lowkey entering a honeymoon phase sooo 🤞 hopefully it works
  4. Anorexia Discussions
    Times your body has betrayed you. Either not vomitting, gaining a pound when you've done everything to ensure it shouldn't, when it's starving- almost taunting you with the idea of eating, too tired to exercise your mistakes, etc. My contribution: I binged today. My limit (due to the ABC diet)...
  5. Member Diets
    here is a space for anyone to post all the ana diets you can find, any aesthetic will do just make them images so if you want to you can save them! here is a diet that i invented, please don't try and claim it as your own. i worked on this. - you CAN repost it anywhere you like and use it as...
  6. Anorexia Discussions
    well, i failed the abc diet again. who would've guessed. i'm so fucking worthless lmao, cant even drop a single kilo. i hate myself so fucking much. christ. i'll try again this week.
  7. ABC Diet
    Hey! My name is Mel. I used to have a server that had a ton of friends from here and previously mpa. The server kinda died out so I ended up scrapping it. I really do miss the community and decided to make a new and improved server. I am finishing up some last minute admin stuff, but I do hope...
  8. ABC Diet
    hi there! i want to hit 50kg (around 111lbs) before december 10. right now i am around 61kg (134lbs). is the goal achievable with ABC diet? have you ever tried this diet? share your results please! :)
  9. ABC Diet
    so basically ive been relapsing recently and rlly struggling to stick to just random restriction with no guidelines, so I thought that perhaps if I indulged in a diet plan, it would help me more. back when I first got into this whole pro mess the one thing that actually worked for me was the ABC...
  10. ABC Diet
    hi y'all! would anyone be interested in joining a discord server for the abc diet? I would start it myself, if anyones interested! it would have channels like -calorie check in -weekly weigh in -discussion -meal ideas -misc -etc. let me know if you'd want to join! <3
  11. ABC Diet
    hello! this is my first thread even though I have been here for a while:) so, I’ve been stuck in restrict-overeat cycle for a while and i’m not so far from my ugw! I want to get back on track so here’s me trying to break the cycle with this diet:p stats: height: 158cm sw: 44.5 kg (post binge)...
  12. ABC Diet
    I've tried this diet several times, never with much success, but I decided that to hell with it, I'm gonna try again this October in a last-ditch effort to get below 130lbs before Halloween. This accountability isn't going to be very fancy, just a record of my weight and calories. It'll...
  13. ABC Diet
    Hey guys!! ♡ Join my discord server, A Little Bit of Everything...!! (please) It has a category specifically for EDs, but also a ton of other things. It's gone a bit quiet since school started back up, but the more of us that join, the more convos and support we have! I'm going to be started...
  14. ABC Diet
    ♥︎⠀ ⠀ᵔ𓈒 ۫⠀#000 ◌ ⸼ ۫ 🍴 𓈒 ⭒ sw : 133 bmi : 26.0 gw : 120 ugw : 110 I'll be doing it for one week starting September 18 and ending September 24th. Depending on how that week goes, I'll continue/restart on October 2nd, as I have a family vacation to attend. I'll try my best to keep my eating...
  15. ABC Diet
    Well, I tried doing things the "healthy" way, but I am back to doing the ABC diet. If you'd like to do it with me or even just start talking to others within the ED community, you should join the server! Join the A Little Bit of Everything, All of the Time Discord Server! ^^^ Come make friends...
  16. ABC Diet
    ♥︎⠀ ⠀ᵔ𓈒 ۫⠀#000 ◌ ⸼ ۫ 🍴 𓈒 ⭒ sw : 133 bmi : 26.0 gw : 120 ugw : 110 I'll be doing it for one week starting September 18 and ending September 24th. Depending on how that week goes, I'll continue on October 2nd, as I have a family vacation to attend. I'll try my best to keep my eating down during...
  17. Anorexia Discussions
    i failed my abc diet and now i feel like a failure. im fat and ugly and G-d i hate myself so much.
  18. ABC Diet
    Hi guys, I'm Pearl <3 and this is exactly what the title says it is! R u l e s Stick to the daily number (obvi) Vitamins/medication don't count and must be taken daily There will be a short break in week 3, since I want to feel alive for a MCR concert :P Fasts have been changed to 150 for...
  19. ABC Diet
    Hello everyone. I am starting uni in a little bit over a month and I literally can not keep being THIS fat. I plan to start the abc diet although I might not be very good at it. I was at a 500-600 cal limit for a while now so whatever worts case I binge. Beggining stats: Weight: 215 lbs (97kg)...
1-19 of 500 Results