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  1. ABC Diet
    Hello and happy new year 🥳 I’m loo for a buddy (or more if needed for both of us) i have read and learn quite a lot about ana and humain way of nutrition and i already have done 10 days of ABC diet (which I failed because of December celebration 🎊) but now with the end and the beginning of...
  2. ABC Diet
    Hiii! So i'm going to be starting the ABC diet today since i've seen a lot of people have good and fast results. I will be weighing every 3 days (sometimes more often lol). Here's a few goals I would like to reach along side the calorie restriction: -Drink at least 1L of water and 1L of diet...
  3. ABC Diet
    I'll try doing the diet until Halloween, and then restart it on Monday, 2nd November :) I forgot that I wanted to do abc diet yesterday so I'm one day behind oops Sw: 79.7kg/175.7lbs Im aiming to lose about 5-7kg/11-15lbs HOPEFULLY more If anyone want to do it too feel free to join!!!
  4. Anorexia Discussions
    Have any of y'all ever successfully completed the ABC Diet? It's been a long standing goal of mine that I am starting today (fuck the whole start on Monday thing right?) I've started it multiple times in the past but I never seem to make it to the end of the 8 weeks and I was hoping someone...
  5. ABC Diet
    If anyone wants to be ana buddies lemme know c': Start date: January 29 2018 Start weight: 150 ibs ;-; Goal weight: 130< for the diet Main goal 115< Day 1: A small serving of quinoa and a cup of orange juice. Calories 500: 550 uhg lol Not too bad for the first day. Day 2: Cup of berry...
  6. ABC Diet
    I need someone to guide me and do this with me.... Anyone? Have no one to talk to about this so... yeah Im gonna start on Monday
  7. ABC Diet
    Hello!! ✦I have done the abc diet for like a billion and billion of times. ✦ ✦The most I did it was for one week and a half and I lost like 6kgs✦ ✦ I have decided to retry this diet once again, But strictly.✦ ✦ I find accountabilities extremly help full.✦ ✦because they help me stick to the...
  8. Public Blogs
    Helloooo So I'm switching from accountability thread format to blog format. Hi, my name's Lauren, but you can call me Laundry. I have lots of things wrong with me right now, so I won't go into detail at the moment. This is just going to be a daily log of my life, I suppose, and how my life is...
  9. ABC Diet
    So I've tried hundreds of diets and done so so so much research but anything I do I can not stick to, or I don't lose fast enough. I understand the whole "It's not a race" thing but still, I want to see results. I recently tried the ABC diet and was only able t stay on it for 2 days. But in...
  10. ABC Diet
    Hey guys! I started the ABC Diet today and I want to make a Support group on kik for anybody on this Diet. Post your kik to join :)
  11. ABC Diet
    My weight controls my emotions every fucking day. I dream of being skinny, and I really want it. Any help, tips, tricks are appreciated, lord knows I need it. I can't even stay driven long enough to see results. My plan is to start the ABC diet, today being day 1, week 1. Height- 5"3.5 Cw- 153...
  12. ABC Diet
    Anyone wanna start ABC on August 31st with me? I can add you on kik and make a little group chat for support and tips. Love xxx
  13. ABC Diet
    {posting many places bc i need this answered kinda fast} So I'm starting the ABC tomorrow and I have a question about the calorie requirement w/ calories burned. For example, say the requirement is 300cal, so I ate 300cal. Then I went on a walk and burned about 100cal. Would that put me at...
  14. Fasting and Cleansing
    I have been fasting for 30 days now and am ready to break it, but am worried that I will gain back the weight. Does anyone know how I can break the fast without gaining it back?
1-14 of 34 Results