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  1. ABC Diet
    i lowkey “recovered” because my bf also has an ed and it makes me really sad… but now he’s at college so i don’t have anything keeping me from starving myself. i’m currently ~108 lbs… but the lowest i’ve been is 100 lbs. might sound drastic but i’m 5’ 1” so my bmi is still considered...
  2. Member Diets
    Hey guys! Was wondering if you have had this type of diet and exercise before and what results you've seen? I haven't weighed myself for a week and a half or so but have been high restricting and dont know if I have results for it yet. Don't know if everything is 100% correct calculation wise it...
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    Tonight I'm going to my aunt's house to have dinner for St. Patrick's day. I am so very nervous as I have no idea what we will be eating. What do I do? Do I eat half of what is served or what? What foods should I eat and what are foods I should stay away from? I really need someone's advice as...
  4. Anorexia Discussions
    Tomorrow is my first day with a therapist who is going to be attempting to help with my eating disorder. This is my first time ever talking to someone about my ed other than my doctor. What am I supposed to say? I'm so nervous and I'm scared I'll say the wrong thing. At this point, I don't want...
  5. Anorexia Discussions
    okay so im around 125lbs I want to be at most 95lbs by September but my weight tends to plateau at 118lbs only twice have I ever got lower then that so im not sure what to do. it drives me absolutely crazy cause I know I can get lower then that but it rarely happens. does anyone have any advice...
1-5 of 23 Results