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  1. Community Introductions
    Hey, I'm new here. and have been lurking for a while. I'm surprised to find an active forum. it makes me a bit excited to see everyone :) I'm not really going into details about my size because honestly I find it a bit embarrassing, to speak about (lol duh) I'm Male / 25 / 6'2 I really want to...
  2. Anorexia Discussions
    Hey there! Myself and @cloverhoneyy are starting a group for 20+ year olds who are at around a similar BMI as to both of us, that are willing to support each other to reach our goals. Once the group is open, any suggestions can be made of what you'd like part of it. (Eg. Motivation Mondays...
  3. Anorexia Discussions
    Hello! Both my housemate and I have had eating disorders for 15+ years, and we both cycle in and out of restrictive stages. Usually it is fine because most of the time only one of us is struggling and we can get through by helping each other, but I'm afraid this time that we're about to set off...
  4. Community Introductions
    Hello, I'm a 26-year old non-binary person. I'm studying psychology in University. Was at my UGW, then gained back a bit. Mostly I'm just trying to lose a bit and then maintain. I'm autistic and have C-PTSD. I'm vegan because my body seems to hate almost all animal products. (Eggs and honey...
1-4 of 136 Results